Verdell Jones suffers ankle injury

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INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 11: Guard Verdell Jones III #12 of the Indiana Hoosiers drives with the ball the Northwestern Wildcats during the first round of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 11, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)Tuesday, 8:00 AM Update by Alex Bozich: Tom Crean confirmed the ankle sprain on his Twitter account via this series of tweets: “Now we have to deal with different injuries. Verdell is suffering from a ankle sprain he got defending in our scrimmage work this past Saturday. He was playing at the highest level he has been at with us when it happened. Injuries are a part of the game and right now we have way too many assistant coaches because of it. It is no fun for any of us.”

Monday, 9:30 AM Update by Alex Bozich: An ITH reader has reported on Twitter that Jones has been spotted on campus today wearing a boot on his right foot, but is not on crutches.

Inside the Hall has learned that Verdell Jones has suffered an ankle injury, the extent of which is unknown, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The source did not indicate which ankle.

There is no word, as yet, what kind of time recovery would be expected to take, because the severity of the injury has yet to be determined.

There had been some message board chatter about Jones being spotted on crutches, and this would be why. It goes without saying that this hurts Indiana in guard depth, particularly given that Maurice Creek is not yet 100 percent recovered from a knee injury sustained last December.

Creek, who did not take part in the team scrimmage at Hoosier Hysteria, and Jones represent quite possibly Indiana’s two most dangerous scoring threats, and they were mentioned by Tom Crean as likely candidates for point guard/ball handling duty back in August.

Working in Indiana’s favor is its considerable options left at guard, but the problem with depth comes in the sense that some of those (Victor Oladipo, Will Sheehey) are untested freshmen. Should Jones miss any length of time, it stands to reason Jeremiah Rivers would see more time at the point alongside Jordan Hulls. Oladipo and Sheehey would be needed direly at that wing spot, however.

It also bears mentioning that Derek Elston, Tom Pritchard and Co. would alleviate some stress if they can provide a strong, consistent front court. That would free Christian Watford to spend the bulk of his time at the small forward position — where he was expected to see much of his time this year anyway — and help neutralize the problem of guard depth even further.

Again, no word yet on the extent of the injury. Ankles can be tricky things, but they can also heal quickly. Once we know more, obviously, we’ll make sure you do too.

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  • It can’t be that bad. There is no way we’d lose Creek like we did…then lose VJ3 for significant time. That just wouldn’t be fair….right? (gulp)

  • It can’t be that bad. There is no way we’d lose Creek like we did…then lose VJ3 for significant time. That just wouldn’t be fair….right? (gulp)

  • Baseball Montgomery Buc

    Not a doctor, but I do know that if it’s a low ankle sprain, then it’s probably not that serious and heals within a couple of weeks. The fact that he is on crutches leads me to believe it’s a high ankle sprain, which can put you out for a month or more. Hopefully theres no broken bones!

  • jgongora86

    I just saw the kid yesterday afternoon and he looked fine. What the heck.

  • Hoosier78

    I pretty sure I saw him with DE and Rivers today. The were walking around the college mall today. I mean they were decked out in IU gear and had their hoods up. He looked fine ( he was the farthest from me so I could be wrong) but if it was him he was walking fine.

  • HoosierDavey

    Well, crap!

  • Here is Verdell’s most recent tweet from 9 hours ago: “Why?”

    Uh oh.

  • Diesel

    Rare to get a high ankle sprain in basketball. He’ll be back in a couple of weeks tops.

  • MillaRed

    Suffice to say nothing but bad news the last two weeks for The Hoosier Nation……..

  • millzy32

    He’ll be fine, it’s a sprained ankle and yes I am knocking on wood.

  • Casey B.

    He’ll be fine — because he’s Verdell Jones, and injuries are too afraid to mess with him.

  • HoosierNshaker

    As long as nothing is broken/ligament damage he’ll be back for the season. If it just happened 9 hrs ago I doubt they have run an MRI and obtained results.

  • Hearing that it’s not considered to be serious, but I guess we’ll see come the scrimmage on Friday.

  • Cream and Crimson

    I really hope you’re right. Losing him for an extended period of time would be crippling to the growth of this team. Get well soon VJIII.

  • Are you trying to start an “It’s Verdell” catch phrase? I’m in.

  • Casey B.

    Yes, yes and…YES. Love it. It’s happening.

    “It’s Verdell.”

  • Casey B.

    Yes, yes and…YES. Love it. It’s happening.

    “It’s Verdell.”

  • peaychris

    i thought i was reading a colts blog for a second.. now with vj3 down i am waiting for more bad news. im jk but with the colts going down i cant take my hoosiers doing the same!! get better soon VJ!

  • Anonymous

    High ankle sprains are nasty. I’ve just finished recovering from one and it took 10 weeks! It could heal much faster with the right rehab and support staff around though. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone except maybe UK.

  • UK and/or Tom Brady.

  • VS13

    Derek Elston is in a boot as well…This isn’t that big of deal. More than anything, it’s taking care of a minor tweak in practice for both.

  • kentuckyhoosier

    Alex , do we still not know whats going on with vjIII and Elstons injuries???