2010-2011 Player Profile: Bobby Capobianco

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2010-2011 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Bobby Capobianco.

What did we learn about Bobby Capobianco in his freshman season of 2009-2010?

Like all youngsters, there’s room for improvement.

Capobianco provided some nice energy in a reserve frontcourt role, but his turnover percentage (22.1 percent), free-throw shooting (11-of-24, 45.8 percent) and two-point shooting (22-of-52, 42.3 percent) could all stand an upswing.

Capobianco averaged a shade under 12 minutes a game last year, and whether he sees more playing time this season could be largely dependent on just how much progress he shows heading into his sophomore year.

The good news? Capobianco, like seemingly all his second-year Hoosier counterparts, has added some bulk to his frame this summer. It could very well help him bang in the paint better on both sides of the ball.

The bad news? Capobianco will likely have some competition. If Guy-Marc Michel proves to be the defensive presence we continue to hear he can be, he’ll get more minutes than Tijan Jobe or Bawa Muniru did last season, which could squeeze Capobianco out of seeing an uptick in minutes. And with Christian Watford and Derek Elston, both players who are shaping up to be a big part of this season’s rotation, having the ability to play in the frountcourt as well, Capo will need to prove he deserves to be a part of the rotation.

Bottom line: With a year of Big Ten play under his belt and some added bulk, Capobianco has nowhere to go but up. But just how far he advances this season will be largely dependent on proving to Tom Crean and the coaching staff he’s ready for the leap.

Quotable: “For me, the way I look at weight and the way I look at strength, I just need to find something that I feel comfortable with. So I can feel something that I am running with but so that I am not getting thrown around. All these guys have numbers that they are looking for and I am just looking for a weight that I feel good at. We are definitely an up and down team and running is a huge aspect of it so if I’m running and doing the things I need to do my weight will just be where it needs to be.” — Bobby Capobianco

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(Photo Courtesy of Indiana University)

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  • Luke72

    Capo brings hustle to the floor anytime he’s on it! This is a untagible that this team will need plenty of. Seeing him being a solid contributor off the bench! Has some nice range that might prove to see him get a bit more PT than many will expect! Another reason that depth will bring the Hoosiers this season to the middle of the pack in the BT!

  • indianajames

    I like Bobby a lot. He seems to have a great attitude and must be showing signs of team leadership for CTC to have chosen him to speak to the media on the panel that included Verdell, Hulls, and Elston. I do feel however, that it will be tough for him to get bigger minutes this year behind an improved Pritchard and longer Guy. I don’t think he will ever be a big threat offensively, but I think best case scenario, he could be an Austin Croshere type player for us, vacuum up rebounds, take charges, and consistently convert the lay-ups the guards drop off to him after breaking down the defense.

  • Anonymous

    Bobby will be the odd man out in 2012 if Crean picks up Zeller this year and uses the oversign next year. Crean will want five of 2012 guys (Jurkin, Perea, Patterson, Hollowell and Ferrell) and Bobby has got to be at the bottom of the scholarship roster.

  • Bleeding Crimson

    I really was thinking before the season stated last year that Capo was going to take several minutes away from TP. During the early season I was able to attend a closed practice. During which, coach had players who wasn’t either up to par or lazy on the stationary bike as punishment…and it was Capo who warmed the set more than any other player. Meaning either he didn’t obey or was lacking what coach was expecting.

    I think Capo has come a long way since and knows know that his minutes will be in play even more know. Now that we have GMM at the 5 with TP, moving DE at the 4 with Capo I see his minutes in Jeopardy. I really don’t see Capo playing the 5 much this year?


  • MillaRed

    I see the asst coach at Baylor and his deportation threats did not scare away a few huge recruits that gave verbals this week. One of which is a Hanner type forward.

    Capo will be interesting this year. He has the size and energy to cause problems. You can never have enough big men that show hustle and are willing sacrifice their bodies. Hopefully with Capo, TP and Guy we have three guys that can provide depth at the 5 spot.

  • Capo is a good shooter. Remember him making tough 3 pointers so I do feel that his free throw % and contested 2pt % will improve with a better supporting cast. The TO are a problem for the whole team with 24% TO ratio and Capo was comparable to the other frontline players (CW @19%, DE @ 21%, TP @ 24%). The FG% ranked us 270th and block shots( or lack thereof) put us at 342nd in the country. These stats simply mean we were overmatched. A bigger, more athletic, and aggressive frontline needs to rebound better, lower the TO and block or change shots in the paint for this team to perform well in the big ten. Capo’s attitude and outside shot should make others better and I look at him to be a vocal leader of this team.

  • Outoftheloop

    When was the quote made? It is NOT just bulk. In fact, the ability to control and to dominate space around the basket may be more about experience, cunning, footwork, etc. than pure strength. Could ANYONE actually be stronger than TJ? Just like Pritchard, Capo must play with energy, passion, energy and aggressiveness. I think that he has all of these traits in abundance. Then he needs to hit 65% of his FT’s, develop a 7-15 foot shot, dunk every close in shot with real power, and hit his 3-point efforts at 40% (since he will not be guarded out there). Bring the hard hat and the lunch bucket and play hard. IU needs Capo to be a 6’9 tough guy with skills!

  • Outoftheloop

    That would be a Jeff Foster type.

  • Outoftheloop

    There is zero benefit and a great downside to this type of future projection before the season even begins! AFTER the full 2010-11 season is completed is time enough for speculation like this!

  • Anonymous

    Wow – crazy about Baylor – if its all within the rules then more power to them, but it is really hard to believe it is especially with the recent “threat” news.

  • MillaRed

    It really is amazing to me the NCAA has no idea what right and wrong really
    means. Was it Tarkanian that said the NCAA is the worst run corporation in
    America? They obviously have their own agenda and it is to their own
    benefit. I hope the sports world brings it down in my lifetime. I think the
    whole NCAA rules/regulations/philophies/penalties is a complete joke.
    Borderline embarrassing.

    Baylor recruiting should have been completely frozen until this
    investigation was concluded. And what the H is going on with Bruce Pearl?
    Working without a contract? Meanwhile Calhoun is leaving his entire
    staffhung out to dry out at UCONN.

    All of these people did worse things than Sampsongate and IU got the death
    penalty. I just…..don’t……get it!

  • Uncle Joey

    By the way… according to Victor and Verdell on twitter, today is Capo’s birthday.

    So… Happy Birthday, Bobby. I hope its a good one!

  • Scott W.

    Mine too

  • Anonymous

    I just read zeller was spotted at butler practice today. This brings 2 thoughts to mind. 1 does zeller ever go to class. 2 all joking aside, this race for him is much tighter than most think. I do think him visiting iu last plays in our favor though. Also for those who say zeller is a lock for us unless ctc blows it, even if that is true, with how many times cz has been to iu I think something would have been “blown” by now if it was gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    Jeff Rabjohns: “Cody Zeller was not at Butler today. Sounds like some folks were joking around on twitter.”

  • HoosierNshaker

    I do remember him almost winning the three point contest at HH last year.

  • RobD

    I continue to maintain that the “threat” was misunderstood. Rather than being a deportation threat, what the text meant was that either Hanner couldn’t get into school anywhere other than Baylor, or wouldn’t feel at home anywhere other than Baylor, and thus would wind up back in Colombia if he didn’t go to Baylor, out of either homesickness, or ineligibility. Which possibility is more likely?

  • Anonymous

    But what about the timing of the texting?? That part is still CLEARLY a violation of the rules (whether you agree with the law or not..it’s still the law). This guy’s texting violations occurred within a couple weeks of Baylor’s 6(?) years of probation and this guy’s COMPLETE ban on recruiting off-campus. Even if “Don’t you forget it” wasn’t a threat, the rest of the evidence here doesn’t support a slap on the wrist for Baylor…it suggests a more severe penalty needs to be imposed.

  • Mattrachel

    This is a reach at best. You give the recruiting world too much benefit. These guys live or die by the talent they bring to the table. The assistants would not even have a pay check without talent coming in. They will do what it takes to get these kids while the head coach looks the other way and allows his coaches to fall on the sword.

    Someone who received these messages did not take it the way you did which is why they turned them over to the NCAA and press.

  • Anonymous

    When asked about the Reggie Bush situation, Bob Knight said the more interesting part of it was how long it took the NCAA to figure it out, adding “if the people who run the NCAA would have been in charge of our military in World War II, when we launched the D-Day Invasion our troops would have landed in Portugal.”

  • Anonymous

    When asked about the Reggie Bush situation, Bob Knight said the more interesting part of it was how long it took the NCAA to figure it out, adding “if the people who run the NCAA would have been in charge of our military in World War II, when we launched the D-Day Invasion our troops would have landed in Portugal.”

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or does Capobianco look like someone you would not want your daughter being around in this picture?

  • Anonymous

    My daughter’s 11, so I’d say yeah. However, the step-daughter is 20, and if Bobby would like to take her out he can (especially if he can score us tickets.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m just so glad he cut his hair.

  • millared

    Yes I saw that classic analogy from The General. They let it go on forever because that’s what they do. Prolong the inevitable as long as possible.

    We’re talking about taking the Heisman Trophy. Not a great day for the NCAA brass. So what did Pete Carroll do? He fled! Wow! What a great system we have in place for these demons!