2010-2011 Player Profile: Guy-Marc Michel

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2010-2011 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Guy-Marc Michel.

Last week during IU’s media training session, the Hoosiers talked about their desires to no longer get bullied by their Big Ten opponents.

Will Guy-Marc Michel be part of the solution for that?

The jury is still out.

Best-case scenario: The 7-1 transfer from Northern Idaho College makes the likes of Bobby Capobiano and Tom Pritchard better by battling them in practice, while providing a legitamate defensive presence inside who blocks shots and throws his weight around in the paint, something we’ve yet to have during the Tom Crean era.

If Michel fulfills such a role, he’ll be an important part of the rotation this season. This is basketball: size and defense matter. A lot.

But there is that worst-case scenario lurking about in Hoosier Nation, the thought that for all his physical gifts, Michel might be another Bawa Minuru — a kid with size and strength, but unable to harness it all into significant playing time.

Will Michel start and be the bully?  Will he provide some defensive energy in a key reserve role? Or will he find himself seated at the end of the bench, another big man lacking the talent to play at a Big Ten level?

We shall soon see.

Bottom line: The Hoosiers finished second to last in defensive efficiency in the Big Ten last season, and Michel’s presence has the potential to help strengthen IU’s D. Add in a summer in which several players seem to have added some bulk (and another year of Big Ten experience), and the Hoosiers could be set up to flash their best defensive effort under Crean.

Quotable: “I think for me, I can bring a presence inside, block some shots, grab some rebounds and help the team defensively.” — Guy-Marc Michel

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  • Anonymous

    This might be the number one biggest key to how many wins we end up with. I’m not sure if I should be cautiously optimistic or guarded and pessimistic.

  • GFDave

    I think physically this kid can probably do the job. Even if he is a little mechanical and slow, his shear size should be enough to help defend the rim and grab the odd rebound.

    My concern is whether he can mentally process the speed the game and put himself in position to do some good. If he has that knack for anticipation, then he can be effective. If he ends up watching the game or always reacting slowly to play, it really won’t matter how big he is, he won’t be effective and could possibly be just a foul machine.

    I am hopeful that a summer of pickup games has helped. We’ll see.

    I’m anxious to read reports from those will have seen him at HH.

  • Luke72

    Guy-Marc will be a pleasant suprise for the fans this year! Fifteen min. a game is what I”m predicting. Anything inside would be a big help in the Big Ten season. Can’t see him getting “pushed around”.

  • Anonymous

    Inability to process the game is what hampered Bawa so badly. He always seemed to be a second or two behind the play that was developing, so if the ball got delivered to him he wasn’t ready to deal with it or if he had to shift on defense he was slow. I had pretty low expectations for Bawa, so I’m trying to stay measured about GMM, but all he has to do is be effective on defense and he’s going to make a huge difference for us this year.

  • Dmglotz

    I don’t think there is any doubt he will be a nice defensive presence. It might be a different story on the offensive side. Hopefully he has developed offensively to warrant some attention from the opponent, thus “opening it up” for our other players to score. If not, then his defensive strengths could be outweighed by his lack of offensive value. I will be at HH and hope to be pleasantly surprised!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see GMM starting, but coming off the bench to spell Elston or Bobby C., or even Pritchard if he gets the start. I agree, 15 minutes would be a reasonable expectation for this year. Then next year, once he is up to speed with what it takes to playin the Big Ten and a year of seasoning, maybe 25 mins.

  • millzy32

    He just looks like a dude you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. No smile in the pic and big & bad. I only hope he can be half as intimidating as his photo makes him out to be. Stay out of foul trouble pull down 6-8 boards and block a shot or two and intimidate on several others and I think we have a win. Anxious to see him on the floor to see what he can do. Not expecting much offensively but a few putbacks a game would be nice especially if they are strong putback dunks.

  • Outoftheloop

    With all due respect, neither you nor anyone else on the planet can name 3 times that Bawa received a good pass from a first string player and was unable to catch it and do something positive with it, because he NEVER played with first string players! Bawa and TJ were totally different players. Bawa was clearly better than TJ on the court, but he played less than 50% of TJ’s minutes. He is gone now, not red-shirted, and his scholarship is unused-except in recruiting for 2011. The Head Coach brought in Guy for the next two years. Now he needs to coach him up and play him at least 20 minutes/game, in all of the games, with the first string players. Our own players seem to respect Guy’s abilities. IU will need him on the court!

  • Outoftheloop

    If you are correct, then IU’s record will not be much better than last season’s record. None of us want that! We know what our team is like with Capo and/or Pritchard as the 5-not good enough! We saw how difficult it was for Christian to really show his skills as a 3 when he was forced to play as the 4. We saw how difficult it was for Derek to show his skills as a 4 when he was forced to play as a 5. We have someone in Guy who was brought in to START as the Center of a very good Indiana basketball team. IU must make a commitment to play Guy as a starter and 20 min/game as a minimum. I predict that we like his play a lot!

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that’s the case. If he can come in and be just solid in that role, I’ll be happy. I know our guys are saying they think he can play, but of course they’re going to say that. He’s stepping way up in class, however, when he gets to the Big Ten schedule. Admittedly, we haven’t seen him play yet and I’m going to give him every benefit of the doubt, but I’m going to be guarded in my optimism for now. I just don’t know if he’s a starter yet.

  • Diesel

    Loop + Bawa = Jerry + Pritch

  • stonaroni

    I totally agree with you Outoftheloop! I don’t care how much stronger Elston and Capo are this year, they need that strength to man the #4, not the #5 position. Elston can be a very consistent scorer and rebounder this year if he is allowed to play his natural position. CW is going to be explosive this year as long as he is allowed to play his natural #3 position with far fewer spells as a PF.

    The one thing CTC has yet to show us is a “style of basketball”. I say for the next two years CTC committs to the team a 7′ center on the floor 20 minutes a game. He can set screens, rebound, block shots, alter shots, close the lane on driving guards, get his hands on deflections to keep a play alive. He is long and strong. Use him to your advantage.

    By 2012-13 we will have a 7′ Jurkin who is more athletic and will run the floor with a 6’11 CZ. At this point our PF and C can help transend our style to the 3 guard offense or whatever CTC wants to install because he will have the horses with Elston, Capo, CW, Creek, WS, VO,AE, Hulls, Buss, Yogi, Hanner, etc, etc.

    In all seriousness, if GMM can get 6 ppg, 7 rpg, and 2 blocks/game, we will see DE be a 10 ppg and 7rpg PF, with CW being a 16ppg and 7 rpg SF, with Creek being a 16 ppg 5 rpg SG, and VJIII being a 12 ppg 5rpg 5 apg Combo PG. Everything the bench brings to the table will be gravy.

    Where is the another 6’9″ SF that can match CW? We have seen Creek shoot. We have seen VJIII be counted on down the stretch. We have seen DE show signs of scoring and not many 6’9″ PF has his shooting touch.

    But, if GMM is a non-factor, deflate everyone’s ppg by 2 or 3 points and their rpg by 2. He can make that big of difference on the floor by letting these players man their natural positions. If he can chip in serviceable #’s, we may be better than advertised.

    I am optimistic that CTC will make this work and this will be his best coaching job yet. This team may be one that sneaks up on the national media because they have been riding the jocks of UNC, Kansas, Duke, UK, Syracuse, OSU, MSU, UCONN, too long. The national media loves the front runner. But as Don Fisher always touts on his broadcast, “Here come the Hoosiers!”

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    You are 100% right and 0% wrong on this assessment. A solid rotation at the 4 of Elston, Capo, and Pritch…with Pritch at the 5 also would be awesome and modest production from each of the guys would equate to big ten quality 4-5 man production combined. Elston at the 4 is solid with his ability to shoot and his strength. I think Pritch at the 4 some, will re energize his game like his frosh year. Watford at the 3 is going to be hell for a lot of guys. It would remind me of Glen Robinson with his versatility. Mo Creek shooting 1000 shots in a day and VJ3 not being the marked man like he was last year will be helped if our 4-5 men can produced and everyone can play their best position. I have said before if Guy does what he did in juco…7-7-2, I would be thrilled, not to mention altering some shots, giving some tough fouls, and being the biggest screener for Hulls and Roth to come off of would be big time.IU probably won’t go to the NCAA tourney this year, however a healthy creek, a stable front line that produces, and watford at 3 sure as hell could give us a flirtation with it.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    At Hoosier Hysteria if Guy….
    + Can make a dunk without being begged to do it or proded to do so I will be happy
    + If he runs the floor as well as everyone says he can I will be happy
    + If he ‘looks’ like he has played basketball before I will be happy
    + If he comes out on the floor to during introductions to the song ‘I’m a Monster” by Kanye West sporting the same look, no smile, and no nonsense glare… I will be VERY happy

  • You are 575% right and 245% wrong, but that’s still 330% right, which is excellent… anything above 110% is pretty good.

  • “Im a Monster” by Kanye west. thats great…..What about “Why Cant we be friends’ instead? Sends a much sweeter message for the kids.

  • Anonymous

    I’d envision some concept of GMM being a defender and somewhat of a bystander on the other end, which kind of reflects the numbers you’re putting up for him. I think, if he has the capability to catch the ball and pass, he could be a high post guy on the offensive end, allowing Elston et. al. to work the block with Guy crashing the boards when the shot goes up.

  • Anonymous

    Now we know why you teach history and not math

  • Anonymous

    “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult. Guy-zilla!

  • Redleader

    Bawa couldn’t complete a straightforward dunk at Hoosier Hysteria last year against zero defense. You have just discredited yourself from now until eternity.

  • I like your assessment and agree with all the points made…the other key is that essential nebulous concept of chemistry. CTC loves an uptempo game and that usually requires quick communication – something that hulls gets the best. I think Elston, VJ, Mo and Watford will quickly get on the same page but I am concerned about Guy. It takes a big guy a yr or two to develop…if he does this team will exceed my expectations. It happened before after IU had one of its worst big ten seasons Think about 86 when we added Smart (~ to Mo) and Dean Garret (the big JC transfer center). If Hulls can play like Alford,and Mo plays Smart, is it too much too ask Guy to step up like Garret…yeah I’m dreaming – listened to too much blue oyster cult…

  • JerryCT

    Funny, good one. I accept the ribbing

  • Diesel

    Thanks Jerry, it was in good fun.

  • Oooo no there goes Tokyo..

  • Anonymous

    Base, did you just make a Hulls:Alford comparison? I would not have done that (again) here. If you’re lucky, ya got your boots on b/c you just stepped in it….a WHOLE bunch of it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he meant Sean Alford.

  • littleman – look up sarcasm and read the last line

  • Anonymous

    or maybe Sam Alford. Oh, i just thought of something…FRIDAY! Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, at least Pritch could be Brian Sloan with those crushing picks!

  • Anonymous

    sarchasm: the gulf between clever wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

    No need to get uptight, i made a comparison earlier in the summer and got blasted for it. Nobody wants Hulls to play like Alford more than I. Go Hoosiers!

  • DTM – appreciate the comment but it would be more appropriate to put dim after clever…I thought alford exemplified the ideal BMK player and I like Jordy’s grit – nothing but good things happen when you approach life that way.