Video: Tom Crean talks toughness

  • 10/11/2010 5:41 pm in

Apparently, I’m not the only one that still has a bad taste in my mouth from this. Tom Crean says the home loss to Iowa last January is the one loss that continues to make him sick to his stomach. ¬†Watch and listen to what Crean has to say about IU’s toughness in this video clip following last week’s Cream and Crimson Survivor Media Challenge, courtesy of Rick Bozich of The Courier-Journal. And when you’re done, raise your hand if you’d be willing to run through a brick wall if Tom Crean asked you to. (Raises hand.)

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  • Anonymous

    *raises hand*

  • I think people will look a little less forward to playing us this year compared to ’08 and ’09. I can’t wait until they fear us — especially in the real Assembly Hall — starting in ’11 or ’12.

  • Anonymous

    “raises both hands” grrrrrrrr, runs through brick wall and returns, raises both hands again, and asks which brick wall next….never mind will run through all of them I can find. Eatin’ bricks and poopin’ wins !!!

    I’ll take all of you on, you big ones one at a time and you little ones just as fast as you can run !

    WHEW…..slowly coming back into reality

    If Crean wasn’t selling IU bball he would be selling something else, I don’t know what, but whatever it was I would probably feel like I had to buy it. Not only could he sell an Eskimo ice but he could sell him the very ice right off of his own igloo and make him feel like if he didn’t buy it he might just die. LOL

  • Jeffersonvilleboy

    Can’t wait for the season to start…

  • HoosierFromCT

    Love him

  • SteelHoosier

    “Eatin’ bricks and poopin’ wins !!!”


  • Q95

    in other words, you got to be a warrior. much like kobe, michael, magic and larry. no one better than these guys for mental toughness in tight spots. sorry lebron, you don’t measure up…


    This reminds me of A.J. Moye. I loved his toughness and energy! Hope Victor Oladipo is the similar type of player!

  • HoosierDavey

    My hand’s up!

  • marsh21

    This program is getting much better and pushing IU around will be a distant memory boys!

    The one team I can’t wait to beat is The Ohio State worthless nuts. Thad Mata woke up on third base and is a good recruiter but not that good of a coach. He’s a product of a great system at Butler but will never win the Championship because his teams rely too much on one or two stars and not the team. I want Crean to not only beat him but make his program weep.

    Ok, I’m fired up now and need to pump some iron.

  • Anonymous

    If VO has half of Moye’s toughness he’ll be a monster, because the his athletic ability is far superior (and that’s not a knock on A.J.)

  • Anonymous

    n n n n
    ll ll ll ll
    ll ll ll ll A
    ll ll ll ll //

    Yep, my hand’s up.

  • Capo, Elston, Olidpido fit that mold – hope Pitch and Michel do the same. That Iowa game was painful – a lightwieght up against a heavyweight. Hulls adds intensity and leadership and mental toughness and the key is how Watford and Mo do since they are the most talented. CTC is pushing the right buttons. The great ones have that extra gear at the end of games – exemplified by mental and physical toughness CTC describes here…..

  • millzy32

    Ding Ding Ding Ding, winner. LeChump doesn’t come close to measuring up thank you for pointing that out specifically.

    I know he was skinny but you could put Reggie Miller on that list too as he had ice in his veins during the playoffs and you could knock him down time after time but he would get up more and more determined to score. 7 points down with 19 seconds to play? No problem I’ll just score 8 points myself, no need for OT, that’s Reggie.

  • millzy32

    I heard what he said and loved it but all I could think of when he said this was “Set Non-moving screens”. Stand your ground, cover your junk and make a tough non-moving screen. Heck, maybe even after that great screen roll to the hoop as well.

    He’s saying the right things as long as our guys and specifically Guy’s are getting this message we should be much improved.

  • That the lowest GPA on the team is a 2.9 is unbelievable. That’s amazing, even if you don’t factor in where the team was academically when Crean arrived.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    Okay, this is off the subject, but is it normal to have this type of growing list of recruits coming to HH? That’s two committed players, one signed player and TEN potential recruits!!! And Blackmon still might make it which would be three commits. I figure it’s normal for commits who live in Indiana to make it to HH but is it normal to have 10 or possibly more potential recruits at this event? I know that the state is loaded with talent right now but this seems like another excellent sign that CTC and Indiana are back when it comes to recruiting!

  • Outoftheloop

    How can you argue with a single point that Coach Crean made? He was right on the money!

  • Outoftheloop

    I forget when Hoosier Hysteria actually became an “event”. But going back to the beginning of the Knight years, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like this huge roster of recruits coming to Bloomington for a single basketball event!