2010-2011 Player Profile: Will Sheehey

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It’s time for Inside the Hall’s player-by-player breakdown of the 2010-2011 Indiana Hoosiers. Today: Will Sheehey.

Like fellow freshman Victor Oladipo and junior college transfer Guy-Marc Michel, Will Sheehey arrives with the expectation, from both himself and from Tom Crean, that he’ll compete for significant minutes in the IU rotation from day one.

Crean, as has been mentioned in this space and also elsewhere, says he has no interest in this group of newcomers waiting their turn and easing into the rotation.

Sheehey hails from a basketball background. His father, Mike, played at St. Bonaventure and Syracuse and his uncle, Tom, played at Virginia and was drafted by the Boston Celtics and played professionally in Spain.

At 6-6 and 195 pounds, Sheehey’s bread and butter offensively seems to be a combination of a solid mid-range game, setting up teammates and finishing at the rim. If given space, he doesn’t hesitate to consistently stick the 15 to 18-foot jump shot. And if he’s defended too closely, Sheehey will use the dribble to get past defenders. His versatility with the ball should afford him the luxury of playing in the backcourt and also on the wing.

Like Oladipo, Sheehey should help Indiana on the offensive glass and if he’s able to establish himself early in that regard, that should increase his likelihood for playing time. (Crean is placing a big emphasis on improved rebounding this season.) He appears to have improved upon his physical stature from the time he first met with the media in late July to Hoosier Hysteria earlier this month. But as is the case with most first-year players, continued improvement of strength and conditioning is a necessity to compete in physical conference games. Sheehey is also continuing to work on his 3-point range, which has been, to this point, one inconsistent part of his game.

Bottom Line: Sheehey should compete for minutes in a rotation that will be much more difficult to crack than the previous two seasons. He will likely get plenty of opportunities in the early out of conference slate. And if he rebounds well, defends and limits his mistakes, Sheehey should be in the mix come Big Ten play in late December.

Quotable: “People talk about the tradition, but it really is one of a kind. With all the other schools recruiting me, I felt this one was the one that if you turn this place around it will be one of the stories of basketball history.” – Will Sheehey

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  • hoosierNati

    Does anyone know when MBB media day is? I am curious to see the uniforms for this year. I had heard there would be some changes, I hope nothing too drastic.

  • Not sure there will be an official media day.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is if they do have new uniforms, the difference will be in the fabric and the cut, not so much in the color or the design.

  • Uncle Joey

    I thought I read that the players voted to keep the traditional jerseys?

  • Anonymous

    Could be! I’m pretty sure the only place I ever even read about the possibility of new uniforms was in the comments here, so who knows? Fine with me if we keep the old ones, IU football changes theirs often enough to make up for any lack of change for basketball.

  • Anonymous

    hes athletic. he plays defense. and rebounds. How does he not see the floor on this team? especially when we want to run. I know your answer to that is look at J rivers but i think w/ sheehey and vic here that we will see a completely different rivers this year. A rivers that comes into the games w sheehey and/or vic and wreaks havoc on other teams.

    With this team, I don’t think we will have as many letdowns in the non conference slate as last season. i really think we are going to go 11-2 or 10-3. When we play these smaller colleges with smaller lineups, I now do not have any worries that we wont be quick enough or have good enough defense out on the perimeter to prevent letdowns such as last year. Being able to rotate sheehey and vic into the game along w/ rivers sounds like to me like one hell of a core of lockdown defenders coming off of the bench. i think before we hoped to just an adept defense on the floor even w/ the starters. I think w/ these 3 coming off the bench that we will be able to stretch the floor and wear down most of these lower tier programs and keep our starters fresh which help us finish games out stronger and be able to score down the stretch.


    I hope that Will Sheehey ia a combination (even upgraded version) of Kyle Hornsby and Dane Fife. I cannot wait to see him and VO playing for IU.

  • Outoftheloop

    I love our two freshmen! Rivals just missed the boat on Vic (#144) and Will (#141). At least the Washington DC sports writers realized how good Victor was-he was top 10 in the Metro area of DC, Northern VA and MD (including Baltimore). Many higher ranked players were not. How would you react if I told you that Will and Vic are Indiana’s two most athletic players right now, the two best guard/wing defenders on the team right now, the two best guard rebounders on the team right now-until Maurice is 100% healthy, yes including Rivers? Both Will and Vic are TOTAL TEAM players, they are only about their team winning. I would like to see Coach Crean experiment early in the season with a total, 100%, fast breaking, up-tempo, pressure defense all over the court, running, attacking, group of Will, Vic, Rivers, Watford and Elston for 15 min/game. I think that we could really break down the opponent. Then go back to a more normal group with Guy, Pritchard or Capo, Hulls, Creek and Jones with Roth for firepower, after starting Guy, Watford, Elston, Creek (when 100%, Hulls when not) and Jones. I am excited about this season!

  • Outoftheloop

    I agree.

  • Pretty amazing that Will is the 12th player reviewed here. A bit different than when CTC started and we would have talked about Taber and Moore and the freshmen. Now we have a core group depth and more athleticism. Agree with your assessment with the only hope the JR is more of a contributor from the start.

  • JerryCT

    Kesims – To add to your post the only way any team can come from behind and win is to get stops ……… I mean stops ! Last year our perimeter could not do this with Rivers and Pritchard alone. It takes more players playing good defense than we had last year.

    Games we won in B10 were a result of stops like JR on Harris and Joseph and TP on Sims and Sampson. If Sheehey can do that and with his speed in open court I see him alongside JR and Creek as mucho pelligrosso …… ( does that mean dangerous ? )

  • JerryCT

    I too would love to see the “Cirque du Freak” style of basketball with Sheehey or VO as our Keith Ericson at the end of the press and JR, Creek, Jones/Elston forcing the play.

    Not saying it would be effective just that I would like to see it.

  • Anonymous

    Sheehey could end up being a real favorite of ours. He is going to be here for four years and could be a solid piece of this rebuilding project. Will is quoted in the story as saying he knows the historical significance of winning at IU. Having players that understand what that means is obviously important to Crean. It doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t from Indiana, he knows what this means and that’s the important part.

    From an on-court perspective, I agree with what has been mentioned by a few of you. A lineup featuring Oladipo, Rivers, and Sheehey could be a good change of pace. At this point, I would hesitate to take Creek and VJIII out of the game for any extended period of time. However, if these guys can score somewhat consistently, the lineup will work. At the very least, we have more options and Crean is continuing to put his stamp on this program.

  • stonaroni

    I think WS will be a surprise. He is not quite the athlete Luke Recker was, but they are the same size with a similar floor game. I think WS, VO, and AE next year will brand this program with their size, athleticism, intelligence, team attitude, and leadership for 4 years. When is the last time we had one of these kids on our team, let alone 2 or 3. And the good news is, all three of these guys can play.

  • MillaRed

    I’m not sure if this is the year but I do like the idea of pressure D in the next and years to come. And I agree that Will and VO could make it happen. Throw in a healthy Mo Creek, Watford and Jurkin handling the paint and I think you have something working for you. Especially when Patterson arrives.

    Looking forward to see Will compete. I think he will be a nice four-year player.

  • N71

    I think we’re overselling the 3 new guys. Will for example will be a solid part of the team for 4 years but the work load this year will be carried by VJ3, Chris, Derek, Tom, and Mo. Give Will some time and by late this year it should be like Derek last year where they start to get it. I really don’t think VO, Will, or Guy are going to light things up right out of the gate.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, but WS also probably isn’t the team wRecker that LR was either 😐

    BTW, after taking my 4yr old son to HH, he’s been walking around the house chanting IN-DEE-ANN-AH (clap, clap, clap clap clap) or YO-GI FER-ROW (clap, clap, clap clap clap) So darn proud of that boy!!!

  • The upper class guys MUST produce. On the sad note. We are not competing for National Championships right now. So chill the excitement bug.

  • I don’t think that anyone is saying that these new guys are a lock to be starters this year, just commenting on how their abilities could change the outlook of this team. Get em a lot of minutes in the pre-season and we’ll see where they stand come Big Ten season.

    They certainly won’t take minutes from Chris, Derek or Tom… so I’m not sure why they are even mentioned. Meanwhile, VJ3 and Mo are on the mend.

    Show us what you got boys!

  • My 4 yr old son has a little recorder that he loves to sing the Indiana fight song into and play it back. I plan on taking my 4yr old son and 3 yr old daughter to Night of the Living Red. I already have them trained CO-DY ZEL-LER (clap,clap, clap clap clap).

  • Anonymous

    Very close, but I believe it is muy peligroso, if my memory of Spanish serves me correctly.

  • Anonymous

    National Championship or not, I’m excited to see the team play. No time of year quite like basketball season. Already bought my Big Ten tourney tickets so I can come up and watch them win the Big Ten Championship (I once heard something about the power of positive thinking).

  • LTTelamon

    He’ll have to gain a ton of 3 pt ability to get there, I think. A nice role for him to aspire to, though.

  • Anonymous

    What I like about the athleticism of these two frosh is that we can throw a different package at an opposing team. You can have VJ3 run the halfcourt game, with the bigger slower guys like capo and pritch, and when they need a breather throw in a smaller lineup that can just fly down the court and pump up the hall with athleticism and fast breaks. It’s almost like a football team throwing in a different defensive package to confuse the opposing team and keep them honest.

    Maybe I’m just dreaming, but it sounds great in my head.

  • Anonymous

    The only Spanish I know is “Soy un perdidor. I’m a Boiler baby.”

  • Anonymous

    Our football team has a defense?

  • Anonymous

    …but we are COMPETING, which, given the past couple of years, IS a reason to be excited in my eyes.

  • N71

    Minutes aren’t necessarily slotted by position, more by competence/effectiveness.

  • rgold

    Several posters on other sites who claim to be “in the know” say that WS has been a dominant player since arriving this summer. They claim to hear that he is competing for a starting spot – and if not starting the first player off the bench. Another noted that he appears to be the best scorer on the team besides Creek.

    I have no idea the validity of these claims, but they come from somewhat respected posters. This would obviously be a shock to me and most of you if true – but irregardless I think its postive news. If true, could really change the outlook on the upcoming season.

  • rgold

    A few people have said don’t be shocked if Sheehey doesn’t play some form of a PG role in some situations. He appearantly is a very solid ball handler, with a good BB IQ, and makes good decisions.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    The biggest impact will, Vic, and Guy will have will be in practice going up against the older kids who have been here. No longer does pritch have to post up against a guy who is smaller an shorter and Mo Creek isn’t shooting over a walkon in practice. Maybe this year they can actually have a solid scout team during practice. I am leaning towards watching the scrimmage friday for that reason and to wear my Cody Zeller constume….with an IU jersey on ofcourse.

  • millzy32

    Yes they employee the matador style thus the crimson uni’s. Sad to say but could we please get a new FB coach? Hiring an assistant doesn’t work, just ask Mikey D.

  • Hoosier78

    I know this is off topic, but is there anything to the talk about Tom Pritchard being hurt?

  • Anonymous

    Beck, right? I get it Boiler = loser. Well done!

  • Anonymous

    No, IU football doesn’t have a defense anymore. Well, sorta. They lease it instead of owning.

  • millared

    If this was the case I would probably freak out. At the same time, I would be ecstatic. This team needs depth. It was not a heralded recruiting class. But we all seem to hoping one of these guys really contributes. If two of them can get it done, even better. All three? I’m buying the first round…….

  • JerryCT

    Exactly Kelin. There are 5-6 times more practices than games . Wooden always believed practice is where you coached and won games, not so much during the game.

    My own enthusiasm is based on Crean’s own words , who has repeatedly said these new comers are in fact competing for serious playing time ( CTC does not dwell on “starting” ). You can see the size of Guy speaking for itself but serious PT from WS and VO may be a surprise but in my opinion probably true.

    WS for instance averaged 7 rebounds a game last year on a team w Fab Melo. I suspect the kid is more like 205lbs now with 50% more offensive skills than he was asked to show last year. If he can defend , especially the high ball screen then somebodys’ favorite players are going to have to step it up to maintain their PT

  • Anonymous

    good god no. I was referring to teams with actual legitimate defenses.

  • Anonymous

    that’s interesting and I can see it – IU has good players but not a lot of next level or close kids. I could see a taller athletic player go in and play with them. I don’t know if this is really great news though

  • marcusgresham

    What does that costume look like? The Messiah on stilts?

  • Mastelly23

    Any chance pictures will be put up?