Zach Osterman was a writer for Inside the Hall during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons.

The time for improvement is nigh, as Big Ten season looms

  • Zachary Osterman 12/24/2010 11:18 pm  

Until about 24 hours ago, the doubt was cautious, compartmentalized. It’s now more general, and it’s spreading. When we started talking about Indiana’s 2010 non-conference schedule, the conversation generally split games into two categories: the eggshell-soft home slate and the ...

A time for change

  • Zachary Osterman 12/17/2010 10:59 pm  

BLOOMINGTON – What was supposed to happen went down smoothly. The Hoosiers did with SIU-Edwardsville (hereafter referred to as SIUE) exactly what the Hoosiers were supposed to do with SIU-Edwardsville. (OK, my bad. Now hereafter referred to as SIUE. I ...

Live Blog: SIU-Edwardsville at Indiana

  • Zachary Osterman 12/17/2010 6:33 pm  

SIU-Edwardsville at Indiana

Crean talks SIU-Edwardsville, Verdell Jones’ injury, future scheduling

  • Zachary Osterman 12/16/2010 6:40 pm  

Leading off After long layoffs sandwiched around the Kentucky game in part because of finals, Indiana (7-2) now prepares for four games in the next seven days – including two in Las Vegas – and six games in the last ...

Indiana a leader, “if not ahead of everyone else,” for Pitchford

  • Zachary Osterman 12/15/2010 9:41 am  

Several schools have begun ramping up their interest in Walter Pitchford, a 6-foot-9 power forward in the class of 2011, perhaps none moreso than Indiana. “I would call Indiana a leader, along with the Memphises and Arizona States,” his head ...

On to the next step

  • Zachary Osterman 12/04/2010 10:30 pm  

BLOOMINGTON — It has been suggested, perhaps not unfairly, that Indiana’s early-season schedule will eventually weaken it, perhaps critically. A November filled with nameless opponents, it was feared, wouldn’t provide Indiana enough tests to get the Hoosiers ready for the ...

Crean: Michel decision “disappointing”

  • Zachary Osterman 12/03/2010 8:14 pm  

Sorry, I’m a little late on posting this. We got some time (and I got deservedly mocked for asking a question that got so jumbled up in my brain that I didn’t understand) with Tom Crean today. The first, and ...

NCAA needs to get better at this, and fast

  • Zachary Osterman 11/30/2010 11:48 pm  

It really isn’t fair. These words aren’t meant to sound petulant. They aren’t meant to sound like whining. They might sound trite, but I can’t really help that. The definition of the word “trite,” according to Merriam Webster online, reads ...

The explanation behind Michel’s ineligibility ruling

  • Zachary Osterman 11/30/2010 8:55 pm  

OK, here is an attempt to further smooth out the questions surrounding the Guy-Marc Michel ruling, announced tonight. We’ll start with the timeline. Indiana first found out about Michel’s amateurism issues over the summer. Michel played for SLUC Nancy, a ...

Postgame Audio: Tom Crean and Derek Elston

  • Zachary Osterman 11/23/2010 10:22 pm  

Listen to Indiana head coach Tom Crean and Derek Elston address the media following IU’s 72-56 win over North Carolina Central in the embedded media players below: Crean [audio:TomCreanpostNCCU.mp3] Elston [audio:DerekElstonPostNCCU.mp3]

Report of Yogi Ferrell’s commitment — or not

  • Zachary Osterman 11/23/2010 12:46 pm  

OK so let’s start layering this commitment saga: The Indianapolis Star posted a report on its website saying that Yogi Ferrell will commit to Indiana tomorrow night at Park Tudor, per “multiple sources.” Only trouble is, both Hugh Kellenberger and ...

Indiana: Where normal matters so much

  • Zachary Osterman 11/21/2010 5:06 pm  

BLOOMINGTON — I’m sitting here in front of my computer, and trying to figure out what to write, and it is next to impossible. We could touch on Tom Pritchard’s impressive day (Five blocks? Dang.), or Maurice Creek’s return to ...

2010-2011 ITH Season Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

  • Zachary Osterman 11/18/2010 10:48 am  

It’s time for Inside the Hall’s team-by-team breakdown of the Big Ten Conference. Today: The Wisconsin Badgers. I think we can all agree by now that anyone who doubts a Bo Ryan-coached team does so at his own peril. Not ...