2010-2011 ITH Season Preview: Purdue Boilermakers

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SPOKANE, WA - MARCH 19: Head Coach Matt Painter of the Purdue Boilermakers watches the game against the Siena Saints during the first round of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament at Spokane Arena on March 19, 2010 in Spokane, Washington. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)It’s time for Inside the Hall’s team-by-team breakdown of the Big Ten Conference. Today: The Purdue Boilermakers.

Travis Carroll, and Patrick Bade. Purdue fans, let me introduce your new best friends.

It would be folly to say that Purdue’s season is doomed without Robbie Hummel, who re-injured his right anterior cruciate ligament in practice a couple weeks ago and is, yet again, lost for the season.

Purdue is filled with talent, and experience, and has the essence of reliability at both guard positions and down low. If JaJuan Johnson can play an effective four, (he’s been a five his whole career because of his shot-blocking prowess, though he hardly has the body for it) then it gives Purdue more versatility in its front court, because it moves Johnson around well. Dude doesn’t do so well exclusively as a banger, though he’s added weight.

That said, Purdue isn’t exactly busting with size either. Hello, Carroll and Bade.

First, let’s talk about Patrick Bade. The Franklin Central product is 6-foot-8 and looks about 13, and he didn’t look at all impressive against real competition late last season filling in for Hummel. He scored 17 points in the last 19 games of the regular season, including a home win over West Virginia, and even when he saw more playing time in place of Hummel looked uncomfortable and often over-matched.

One positive Purdue fans and pundits swore the Boilermakers could take from Hummel’s injury was the playing time it got freshmen like Bade and D.J. Byrd. They didn’t look good then, but maybe they would this season. Matt Painter and Co. need that to be the case with regard to Bade.

Carroll’s is a different situation, but probably not a more encouraging one. Carroll is a 6-foot-9 freshman center from Danville who plenty of Indiana fans like to remember as the player Cody Zeller owned in the state semifinals in March. According to Rivals, his only other offer was from Indiana State, but he stands to get plenty of minutes this year. Unless he was wildly undervalued during the recruiting process, it’s hard to see Purdue attaching much expectation to Carroll, beyond body minutes.

The one dark horse in this conversation could be (read: needs to be for Purdue) Sandi Marcius, a redshirt freshman from Croatia who missed all of last season to a foot injury. Marcius was the No. 14 center in his class, according to ESPN, but there’s not much known about the player. He averaged 15 and 15 at LaPorte La Lumiere in one season there, according to his school biography.

So says that bio: “An athletic big who works to improve on a daily basis … Will be looked upon to bring a rebounding presence in his first season of action.” Inspiring.

Of course, all this doom and gloom deserves a certain amount of context. Matt Painter is still one heck of a coach, and this issue of depth in the front court is the difference between Purdue, the top 25 team, and Purdue, the legitimate NCAA contender.

They were both before Hummel’s injury. Now, the former is still probably guaranteed, with Johnson, E’Twaun Moore and Lewis Jackson coming back, and Terone Johnson joining the fold. The only way they will be the second this season is with significant improvement and contribution from any of the three players aforementioned.

Quotable: “We have a tall task, I think, in our conference just because of the quality of teams and the quality of coaches. I think we’ve got a chance to have a special season this year from a conference standpoint. There’s going to be a lot of people banging heads and going after each other.” – Painter at Big Ten Media Day

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  • stonaroni

    I a telling you Hoosier fans, the 2010-2011 team is going to be much improved and will be in the running for an NCAA bid. I know many of us on here are hesitantly optimistic because of the past 3 years, however, I believe in this team. All of these players have another year of buy-in. And, they have seen CTC’s efforts on the recruiting trail, that helps out even more knowing that the coach leading the way is never satisfied and will not accept another losing season.

    I will put our 2010-11 starting 5 against Purdue’s any day. I will take our bench over theirs.

    Illinois has proven nothing but inconsistentcy over the past few years. Wisc wills out wins because of their system. But, we have a deeper more talented team this year. MSU is legit and so is OSU, so much talent on the Buckeye sideline, but many are very young.

    PSU, Iowa, and Mich are bad. Minnesota has been inconsistent and we have seen Tubby be mediocre for over 10 years now. Northwestern is missing a big gun. He didn’t help them dance last year, and doubt they will this year, they don’t have the killer instinct as a program.

    Let’s look at IU last year compared to this year:

    2009-10 2010-11

    C-Tom P/Capo C- GMM; Tom P/Capo
    *GMM is an upgrade; TP has to be better; Capo has more bulk and gives max effort

    PF-CW/DE/Capo PF-DE/CW/Capo/TP
    *CW moves to natural SF; DE has bulked up and will have same #’s as CW last year

    SF-Mo/Dumes/Roth/CW/etc SF-CW/MO/WS/VO
    *CW will cause mass match up issues; hit 3 of 4 3’s in scrimmage; another yr older and
    stronger; more athletic players who can slash at 3 MO,WS, and VO; even VJIII

    SG-VJIII/Dumes/roth -inj/Mo-inj SG-Mo/VJIII/WS/VO/Roth/Hulls
    *Mo will be healthy by Big 10; Roth Healthy; all options at SG are better than last year

    PG-Hull/JR PG-VJIII/Hulls/JR
    *Again every option is better than 09-10; PG’s have better feel for offense

    Overall, team defense is much better. More shot altering/blocking this year; paint/post defense is much improved; we have better athletes to contend theperimeter pass; the ability to press; the ability to zone in half court defense.

    If we are 3 baskets better on defense this year and 3 baskets better on offense; that is atleast a 12 point swing; that is a lot more W’s!

    I think we win 19 or 20.

  • UncleKerfuffle

    … and the average IQ of the typical “whilecat bashkitball” fan. If you doubt that, just tune in sometime to the “Big Blue Suckup Radio Call in Show” that starts about four hours before each UK game. You will still get the occasional hilljack who asks to speak to Cawood.

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    PU v Kentucky who would I root for? I would root for The first ever final game where the president of the NCAA came in and stopped the game because Kentucky was cheating all the way up til tip off. Then Cal got banned immediately and the game had to be called a draw.

  • ArtistFormerlyKnownAs_Aceman07

    I can’t stand what happened to Robbie Hummel. I hate to see that happen to a good kid who obviously works hard.

    That being said . . . I HATE PUke!!!! I taught myself to not hate them so much the past few years but after listening to a conversation last year between PUke fans I decided that I hate them as much as I did growing up and I hope they lose every freaking game!!!

  • stonaroni

    IU will surprise this year. I think they are 10 deep; not many teams can say that.

    Would not be shocked if we end up #5 in Big 10.

    Tubby, a breakout season? How? When?

    Purdue will NOT be #3 in conference! I believe that to be fact. I think IU is better than Purdue this year.

  • stonaroni

    Could be cool but your Avatar picture scares me.

  • BaseballBuc

    Yeah uh Purdue…..just go away

  • Anonymous

    Hate to see that out of a fellow Cathedral grad. I’ll be chanting along with everyone else at him this year.

  • 11th and Done (Dunn)
  • Plane1972

    I hope banners from 1932 count, considering our dusty ol’ 1940 and 1953 titles.

  • Anonymous

    “I think IU is better than Purdue this year.”

    Love the optimism. I really hope you’re right, but my opinion is that IU is not better than Purdue quite yet. We may beat them in AH, but PU will still have a better record mostly due to Johnson and Moore.

    You don’t have to like them, don’t have to respect them, but you cannot ignore that Purdue has a decent team this year.

    I don’t mind the crimson-colored glasses, but yours are so red they’re blinding you.

  • joe

    off subject, but i can’t believe there is no scouting report on ITH on Franklin for tonight! j/k leaving for btown in approx 2 hrs!!

  • There won’t be many programs that make frequent trips to the championship. There are a few that consistently make deep runs but there aren’t many. To assume that Butler is going to be dancing in the final four each and every year is doing, well what you do when you make assumptions. However, what if Zeller was employed in the same system with similar fashion as Hayward. Then, what if Yogi decided to join his buddy Zeller and play for a world class coach in a one of a kind school. I am not sure this is likely but its possible and if this would happen then Butler could certainly do again what it already has in our lifetime. Probably more.

    Because the Zeller camp has been so tight lipped there is no way of knowing who has the lean. But, there are indications that Zeller could be a great fit for Butler. Heck, he is down to three schools and they are one of them. It would not be prepostorious to think that they could land him.

    My point is that I fear IU will lose out on Zeller. I might not be very popular for being honest but I fear IU’s biggest competition is far from a frequent flier in the east. I believe its Butler and I think it is completely understandable and justifiable for any recruit to seriously consider the Bulldogs.

    You all probably think I am a big Butler fan. I am proud of them but not a fan – I am just openly thinking through this.

  • stonaroni, It’s really hard not to look at this team with lots of optimism. I certainly hope your right on your prediction. Something you bring to light that carries a lot of weight is that we’re in our third year of Crean’s system with more experience and better talent. If Crean’s system is the right one you would think we would begin to see significant improvement, and I think we are. Not sure if its 19-20 win improvement but I sure hope so.

  • MillaRed

    You and about 10,000 other IU fans are thinking the same thing. Trust me.

    Fact is, at the end of the day, regardless of how awesome the “Butler feel
    good” story really is, the University just doesn’t have the facilities, the
    history, the fans and the incoming classes that IU and UNC have to offer. BU
    is not on the verge of becoming a national powerhouse. We have seen the
    likes of Providence, George Washington, Davidson and the like make their
    “flash in the pan” runs in the tournament.

    Without cheating, I challenge you ITH’ers to name one other team in The
    Horizon League? Eh? That’s what I thought. I’m not sure Brad Stevens will
    even be there to see CZ graduate.

  • oldred1976

    You know how every once in a while you say something that becomes prophetic. I’m guessing that painter’s comment about people banging heads is gonna come back and bite him. It will be his head and the locker room wall after every game.I hate PUke but nothing like i hate pUKe and that was before calipari got there.

  • Anonymous

    We lost 4-5 games last year because of free throws, so I don’t see somewhere around 18 wins this year too outlandish.

  • BaseballBuc

    Here’s the scouting report. IU wins big. lol

  • millared

    Ummmmmm Dumes graduated. Are you “Stone”aroni’d?

  • Anonymous

    Franklin doesn’t have a player above 6’6″. There’s your scouting report.

  • Robertop

    When I say Purdue to my 3-year old she says P-U what’s that smell! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

  • HoosierNshaker

    I love the optimism here but our schedule is really tough…I think 6th-8th in the Big10 is a reasonable prediction for this years squad.

  • HoosierNshaker

    The crowd will be shaking off the dust in Assembly Hall in a few years on the way to the next title.

  • HoosierNshaker

    agree Wisconsin > Minnesota

    and Illinios > Minnesota

  • Anonymous

    Biggest difference for me is the experience. I think we will all see a huge difference between talented freshmen and talented sophomores.

  • Anonymous

    Ehh, he can average 17pts. 8 rebounds and Purdue will still be awful because there is nobody else around him. He’s a good kid, not an in-your-face jerk like Kramer anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Cleveland State.

    That’s pretty much the only school that I could remember off the top of my head :P.

  • Andrew

    Wright State, who we play this season. Detroit, who beat UCLA at the Dome in ’99, and who Ray Jr. cast his lot with. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where Bruce Pearl made the sweet 16. Wisconsin-Green Bay, where Tony Bennett played for his dad. UIC, where I think Jimmy Collins is still somehow the coach. Cleveland State, who beat IU in the first round in ’86. That’s just off the very top of my head, if I thought about it for five more minutes I could name the others (I think there’s 2 more not including Butler).

    Really hope he chooses IU (obviously), but I think you’re far too easily dismissing a team that made CZ’s final 3. I’m pretty sure he and his parents knew Butler was not in a major conference when they eliminated all the other schools.

  • hoosier steelworker

    valparaiso the oops drew connection

  • Jeff in Italia

    I find that as I move further away from Indiana, my dislike of Purdue wanes. I root for teams that may have Indiana kids on it (Purdue, Butler, Indiana State), but never against my Hoosiers, mind you.

    My deep dislike and revulsion of Kentucky still burns though. Burns hot. A vile, putrid taste is left behind even thinking about them.

  • MillaRed

    Not dismissing anything. Just giving an opinion.