Report of Yogi Ferrell’s commitment — or not

  • 11/23/2010 12:46 pm in

OK so let’s start layering this commitment saga:

The Indianapolis Star posted a report on its website saying that Yogi Ferrell will commit to Indiana tomorrow night at Park Tudor, per “multiple sources.”

Only trouble is, both Hugh Kellenberger and I have sources telling us that said report is not accurate. Then Ferrell himself tweeted: “I have not committed.” Ferrell tweeted again, saying he wasn’t pleased with the report.

So this thing is going to play out over the next 24 hours. We’ll have an answer one way or the other by dinnertime tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    good taste – should add the blackhawks to the list

  • Yogi only visited IU and Butler, and Cody chose IU … I mean, it doesn’t take a PhD *cough cough* to put where he’s headed together; not sure why he had to print what pretty much everybody knew a day in advance. Note to Blabjohns: Yogi to IU is not the Watergate tapes! I hope IU gives Blabjohns the cold shoulder.

  • My sources say that a million people would not run with a rumor that you post.

  • Yeah, when do people pay attention to where 16-year-olds are going to college? Normally it’s your parents and your friends … I don’t begrudge him wanting the limelight for a second (esp. after what his buddy Cody got).

  • Looks like it was one UK d0uche vs. Big Red. Any guy that claims he “used to be an IU fan” and now roots for UK deserves to be shot in the leg … with an atom bomb.

  • We gotta lock up our younguns into loooooong contracts.

  • AM talk radio is and should be subservient to print media. Have you listened to sports talk radio for more than one hour? They call for the QB’s head one day and then they want him to win MVP the next. Plus, Dakich never claimed to have “persons with knowledge close to the decision,” did he?

  • Anonymous

    My sources indicate that 1073% would be page views with click-thru’s on a rumor he posts.

  • Anonymous

    Zeller kept his mouth shut all the way until the cameras were on. Yogi needs a page from CZ’s handbook…the page titled: “You Can’t Tweet on Your Phone if There’s a Basketball in Your Hands”

  • Anonymous

    323….Redwood? How are your neighbors?

  • Anonymous

    Au contraire. We’ve already established the fact that the conversation Milla and I had led to Crean getting two ’13 recruits the very next day!

  • Anonymous

    The Star reported could have done his job 24 hrs later if he had ANY class. I seriously doubt he’d have been fired for letting the kid have his moment. Grow a pair.

  • Anonymous

    Newspapers are dying because of the internet. And sources close to a story often will not divulge information unless they are kept confidential.

  • Anonymous

    That is the first time I have ever heard that story regarding Knight and Wisconsin. I wonder if he could have had the same success there? He would not have access to the same recruits.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it would have been prudent to allow Yogi to announce before reporting, however his moment in the sun will come when he cuts down the nets after our next championship.

  • Plane1972

    Basketball is one of the biggest stories in the state of Indiana. Getting a scoop that is, allegedly, corroborated by multiple sources is, indeed, reporting – whether it happens before or as it is happening.

    Would you rather find out about other news, like a U.S. invasion of another country, or better yet another country invading the U.S., before it happens or as it is happening? I know that war and basketball are apples and oranges in terms of importance, but getting ahead of your competition in the news industry is big business.