Film Session: Iowa

  • 02/09/2021 11:36 am in

Connor McCaffery passes it into Garza:

Leal comes down on a double team, leaving some good space for Connor McCaffery on the perimeter. But Leal is able to steal the pass attempt:

And the ball ends up with Lander.  He sees he has Jackson-Davis to his left:

Lander draws Connor McCaffery. You can see Lander slow down a bit here waiting for Jackson-Davis to put the jets on and get ahead of him so he has no defender in his way to the hoop on a pass:

Jackson-Davis never does it, so Lander decides to lead him with the pass instead as Connor McCaffery moves to the ball:

The momentum does allow Jackson-Davis to move in and spin to the paint. Here’s another frame where maybe Indiana has a 3-point shooter in the corner again, though Wieskamp could probably get out to Leal.

Jackson-Davis ends up taking it himself for the score:

Nice instincts by Lander on this one to essentially try and force Jackson-Davis ahead of the defense.


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