Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2021 7:54 am in

After Indiana isn’t able to get anything going early in the possession, Archie Miller appears to call out a set:

The Hoosiers go four across the baseline with Galloway near half court. Thompson breaks out of the line:

And sets the high ball screen for Galloway:

Hamilton switches onto Galloway and stops a drive. Wiggins switches onto Thompson:

Galloway passes to Phinisee in the left corner as Hunter posts up Hart:

Phinisee moves out of the corner and swings it back to Galloway up top. Meanwhile, Thompson pops out to the right elbow:

As Galloway makes the pass to Thompson, Indiana is playing a little 5-out action of its own now with the floor spread out. IU is also now going to work on the ball screen switch from earlier in the possession with Galloway passing to Thompson:

Thompson turns and faces Wiggins with the rest of IU’s players spread around the perimeter. Thompson has a couple of inches and some strength on Wiggins:

Thompson gets Wiggins leaning left and blows by him right:

With the defense too spread out to help, Thompson gets all the way to the basket and is fouled from behind by Wiggins:

Thompson hit both free throws to give the Hoosiers their first lead of the second half. While Indiana’s defense has been the victim of a 5-out offense in Big Ten play, this play shows the Hoosiers can also run their own version of it to get points.


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