Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2021 7:54 am in

Durham calls for Phinisee to come take a screen as Thompson gets the ball up top:

But Durham jumps out of that fake and receives yet another down screen, this time from Hunter. Thompson moves towards the action with the ball:

Thompson makes the pass and sets another screen for Durham:

But because it’s Thompson, not Jackson-Davis, the Terps switch this time around. Hamilton pops off Thompson onto Durham while Wiggins switches onto Thompson:

Hamilton stops a Durham drive. So Durham swings to Hunter as Wiggins fronts Thompson:

Hunter comes right and performs a dribble hand off to Phinisee coming out of the right corner. Ayala calls out for the switch to Hart:

Hart switches onto Phinisee and Ayala picks up Hunter. Maryland is essentially icing the screen here, as Hart angles himself to the sideline to prevent Phinisee from going left as Ayala is in a decent position to cut off a baseline drive. Maryland switches defenders with Galloway and Durham crossing on the weak side:

But as Hart opens up, Phinisee goes left into a gap at the top of the paint:

As Phinisee hits the free throw line, Hamilton stunts in. This leaves Galloway space on the left wing. Durham is also down in the left corner with Mona in help position in the lane. Phinisee hesitates:

On the hesitation, the help defense moves back out to the perimeter and Phinisee uses this opportunity to drives left on Hart:

He’s able to take it all the way to the hole for two points with the help defense even further back out to their men:

While Hart had a length advantage on Phinisee off the switch, Phinisee used his quickness here to gain an advantage for the bucket.


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