Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2021 7:54 am in

A few minutes later down nine, Indiana faces a 2-3 zone from the Terrapins. Jackson-Davis sets a ball screen for Phinisee up top. On the strong side, Thompson is set up in the dunker’s spot with Durham in the right corner. On the weak side, Hunter occupies the left corner:

The screen allows Phinisee a gap into the lane. Eric Ayala and Hakim Hart converge on Phinisee with Indiana’s other three players still in the same position:

Ayala picks up the ball as Hart moves into the lane. All five of Maryland’s defenders are now just about in the lane as the three other Hoosiers continue to space:

Phinisee gets up in the air to attract the defense even more. He’s got Hunter in the left corner, but opts for Thompson in the dunker’s spot, even though Scott looms:

Thompson catches past Scott’s outstretched arm:

Smith comes over on the help, fouling Thompson on the shot:

Just like Durham on the first play, Thompson also made both his shots at the line. And again, pretty simple action. Instead of trying to hunt for Jackson-Davis in the middle of the zone and making the pass in, the screen allowed an Indiana playmaker to make the decision in the middle of the lane with a head of steam, leading to a shot at the rim for Thompson.


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