Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/06/2021 7:54 am in

Phinisee inbounds the ball to Hunter:

Hunter swings to Thompson:

As Thompson swings to Jackson-Davis, Phinisee sets a flex screen for Hunter:

Phinisee pops out of that by taking a down screen from Thompson:

As Jackson-Davis makes the pass to Phinisee, Maryland switches. The smaller Reese Mona moves onto Thompson and fronts him. Wiggins switches onto Phinissee and stops him from driving. On the weak side, Durham fakes baseline wheel action started by a Hunter screen and instead cuts to the right wing:

Ayala anticipates Durham heading baseline and is a few steps behind him on his cut. Jackson-Davis sets up for a down screen as Phinisee still has the ball up top:

As Phinisee makes the pass, Jackson-Davis hits Ayala with the down screen and Durham has a gap to the free throw line:

As Durham takes it left, Ayala is playing catchup, as Maryland again opts not to switch with Scott sticking on Jackson-Davis. Wiggins stunts over and Phinisse moves left into space:

Durham gathers when he hits the lane:

And jumps stops into the middle of the paint ahead of the perimeter defense. Jairus Hamilton moves to Durham on the help:

But he doesn’t match Durham’s timing, as he switches to his right hand and finger rolls it in for two points:

Here’s the Hoosiers again using Durham off a down screen from Jackson-Davis. With no switch, Durham used the advantage for another two points.


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