Film Session: Purdue

  • 02/10/2020 7:56 am in

For our last play, here’s something a little different. Matt Haarms passes to Wheeler up top:

Isaiah Thompson cuts from the left low block to the left wing. Green doesn’t come hard with him. He hangs in the paint, moving up a touch:

Green is anticipating the screen from Haarms here and trying to get around it. But it’s already too late. He’s out of position, anticipating Thompson getting the ball closer to the top of the key than the corner. So he’ll first need to cut around Jackson-Davis on the pass:

And then Haarms on the catch:

It’s actually a strong closeout from Green, but it doesn’t matter. Thompson drops in the triple to put the Boilermakers up 16, completing their 29-10 run:

This play is a little reminiscent of how Smith got burned by Justin Aherns against Ohio State in IU’s last outing.


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