Film Session: Purdue

  • 02/10/2020 7:56 am in

With Purdue up nine in the second half, this time around it’s not the left wing where Purdue sets up its ball screen. This time it’s at the top of the key, as Williams sets one for Eric Hunter:

Here’s the hedge from Joey Brunk:

But Brunk then decides to bop back right a touch towards the elbow, leaving room for Hunter:

Brunk is opened completely up and Hunter keeps moving. Smith is moving over from help side, giving Proctor room in the left corner. This is similar to where Indiana found itself in the second play of this Film Session: Two men on the ball and another defender coming over from the help side to leave a Boilermaker in the corner:

Smith guesses that Hunter is going to make the pass out to Proctor, but he’s wrong. This allows Hunter to just keep coming and score at the rim with Rob Phinisee trying to catch up:

The whole point of Brunk’s hedge is to impede the ball handler. But the Butler transfer just opened up and let him go right by on this one.


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