Film Session: Purdue

  • 02/10/2020 7:56 am in

On Purdue’s next possession, we see some similar action. Williams dribbles to the left wing as Proctor cuts out of the corner:

Williams hands off and sets a ball screen for Proctor:

Indiana does a little better job of impeding Proctor’s progress this time around as he comes to gather in the paint. But with Davis once again defending Proctor as Green trails from behind, Jackson-Davis comes over from help side to ward off a pass to Williams. This gives Wheeler space in the right corner:

Proctor jumps and passes to Wheeler in the corner. And now Jackson-Davis, who’s continued to move towards Williams on Proctor’s drive, has a ton of ground to make up as he changes his momentum back the other way:

Wheeler rises and hits, the ball leaving his hands with Jackson-Davis still on the floor. Jerome Hunter stunted over for a quick second, but it did little stop Wheeler:

Similar action from Purdue here with a similar result in IU’s coverage. As Green is working from behind to chase Proctor, Davis has to rotate and help. And as Jackson-Davis rotates to guard Williams down low, Wheeler has space to rise and fire from deep.


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