Film Session: Ohio State

  • 02/02/2020 10:09 pm in

Walker passes to Muhammad on the right wing:

Muhammad drives right on Armaan Franklin. Jackson-Davis moves down the line some. Meanwhile, Ahrens has cut off the left low block. He’s already to the free throw line before Smith takes his first step to follow:

As Franklin stops Muhammad, Ahrens keeps moving and Smith is in trouble, staring down a staggered screen to catch back up. E.J. Liddel is the first screen for him:

He gets around it, but just as we saw on the first play of this Film Session, it’s now Andre Wesson slowing Smith down with his body as he tries to get out to a 3-point shooter. Muhammad makes the pass to Ahrens:

Ahrens lets go of the ball as Smith is still fighting around Kaleb Wesson. He connects:

Once Ahrens got a few steps on Smith, the Hoosiers were pretty much toast on this set.


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