Film Session: Ohio State

  • 02/02/2020 10:09 pm in

Brunk sets a ball screen for Phinisee:

Brunk rolls to the rim as Kaleb Wesson hard hedges. Kyle Young rotates off Trayce Jackson-Davis to Brunk:

Kaleb Wesson rotates down to cut off a pass to Jackson-Davis. Young has Brunk bodied up:

Brunk sticks with it, backing down Young some. Kaleb Wesson comes over to the ball, as does CJ Walker on a stunt. As Walker does that, Phinisee rotates left:

As Brunk throws the pass out of the post to Phinisee, Walker comes out of the post on an angle where Phinisee used to be:

He realizes at the elbow Phinisee has moved and he’s got ground to make up:

Phinisee is able to catch and fire in good flow to knock down the 3-pointer:

Nice two-man recognition game from Brunk and Phinisee here to get a perimeter shot in rhythm.


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