Film Session: Ohio State

  • 02/02/2020 10:09 pm in

Durham finds Brunk near the block:

As Brunk turns to survey the scene, Duane Washington Jr. is paying attention to Brunk. As he shifts his eyes back right, things have changed. His man, Durham, is rotating to the top of the key as Jerome Hunter sets a bit of a flare screen for him. Justin Ahrens calls it out:

But with Hunter sneaking up on Washington Jr, the pick impedes him. Ahrens doesn’t rotate out to Durham. Brunk makes the pass. Muhammad realizes he must rotate over from the weak site to pick up Durham:

Durham quickly swings to Rob Phinisee:

Phinisee fakes a drives left on Muhammad, who now is rotating over to him:

This allows Phinisee to get by Muhammad:

Ahrens stunts in as Phinisee drives at Andre Wesson. Washington Jr. looks on. Both Durham and Hunter call for the ball:

Phinisee gets further into the paint, drawing the three Buckeye defenders. Phinisee turns towards Durham, making it appear as if he’ll pass to him:

But Phinisee changes course in the air and passes to Hunter. It freezes Washington Jr.:

It’s a decent closeout from Washington Jr., but Hunter has enough space to fire in rhythm for the score:

Great work here from the Hoosiers to keep moving the ball while getting the Ohio State defenders scattered with timely fakes.


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