Film Session: Penn State

  • 01/31/2020 8:21 am in

Still down just four a couple minutes later in the half, Smith grabs an air ball from Penn State and outlets to Devonte Green:

Green pushes up the court and starts heading to the middle. For now, Wheeler has to contend with both Jackson-Davis and Durham:

As Green gets to the top of the key, Jackson-Davis points up for the lob:

As Green does his one-hand flip on the lob — a move we’ve seen before this season — Wheeler sniffs it out. He moves to his right:

He positions himself well. Jackson-Davis has to essentially jump over him to snag the ball:

He’s unable to get good position to corral it and the ball ends up bouncing off the backboard:

Penn State ends up with it and outlets to Wheeler:

Things break down quick in transition for IU’s defense. Durham and Smith both come to the ball … as does Green. This leaves Myles Dread alone on the left side of the court:

As Wheeler makes the pass, Green notices Dread:

He tries to close out, but Dread had plenty of room to get the shot off with Green still on the ground:

A risky pass from Green — and some unawareness in his transition defense — turns into a 3-pointer for Penn State to put them up seven.


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