Film Session: Penn State

  • 01/31/2020 8:21 am in

Durham grabs a long rebound and pushes it up the court. He spies Green on the right side with the bigger Mike Watkins near:

Durham comes across the court and hits Green in the corner. Wheeler is near:

Green goes baseline on Wheeler:

But starts to get himself into trouble. Green puts a spin move on Wheeler … right into a double team with Watkins:

Green then decides to go up in the air and fade away as Watkins gives attention:

Green has no choice but to try and pass to Davis with him up in the air, but Watkins is able to steal the pass:

He takes it himself up the court:

A little bump gives him separation on Green. Durham is back:

But Durham doesn’t challenge Watkins once he gets into the paint:

Watkins misses the lay-in, but Wheeler has followed the play and tips the ball in over Durham. Penn State by nine:

Another poor decision from Green leads to another score for Penn State.


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