Film Session: Nebraska

  • 01/19/2020 6:19 pm in

With the Hoosiers closing in on the lead in the first half, Franklin brings the ball up the court quick and finds Phinisee on the right wing. Jackson-Davis starts to find room in the paint as Brunk is a deep trailer behind the action:

As Jackson-Davis calls for the ball on the right high post, Thorbjarnarson and Ouedraogo double him. This leaves Brunk open:

As the pass comes, Brunk cuts to the paint:

Jackson-Davis turns and finds him:

It’s a nice leading pass that puts Brunk in space on the left side of the hoop inbetween the defense:

He scores for two with no one even challenging him at the hoop:

With Brunk not quite being in the picture at the start of this play, Ouedraogo felt more than free to double Jackson-Davis. But smart of Brunk to cut into space and for Jackson-Davis to hit him in time for the bucket.

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