Film Session: South Dakota State

  • 12/02/2019 8:25 am in

Just a little later in the half, Franklin is looking to enter the ball to Trayce Jackson-Davis on the left side. But here’s the Jackrabbits with all five guys basically in the paint. Arians is essentially double teaming Jackson-Davis, even though his man Franklin has the ball:

Franklin swings to Justin Smith and his man is also giving him plenty of room to operate:

Smith opts to swing to Durham in the right corner. Brunk looks for the ball in the post:

Durham is able to get it into him this time:

Arians comes hard on the double, leaving Franklin with no defender anywhere near him:

As Brunk dribbles out of the double team, Arians starts to recover back to Franklin. Franklin tried cutting to the paint, leaving a trio of Hoosiers in the same area:

Brunk finds Franklin as he pops back out to the top of the key:

Arians is playing way off Franklin again, but instead of shooting he opts to swing to Durham:

Durham passes to Smith near the left corner. As he looks for Jackson-Davis, there are three defenders around him, as Dentlinger stays in the paint, leaving Brunk at the free throw line, and Arians continues to pay no mind to Franklin, who is now on the right wing alone:

With just five seconds remaining on the shot clock, Brunk pops out to the top of the key and Smith passes it to him:

Brunk dribbles in and takes an 18-footer. It doesn’t fall:

Brunk taking a long 2 at the end of the shot clock isn’t ideal offense from Indiana. But South Dakota State’s continual sagging and double and triple-teaming of the post made it so.


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