Film Session: South Dakota State

  • 12/02/2019 8:25 am in

Late in the first half, here’s a look at Indiana’s back pick counter to South Dakota State’s packed-in defense. Green passes the ball to Franklin on the left wing:

Franklin passes to Anderson at the top of the key:

As Franklin passes to Green on the right wing, he gets a back pick from Jackson-Davis:

Anderson heads down into the paint as Jackson-Davis pops out to the top of the key and receives the pass from Green:

Anderson turns and sets a back pick for Jackson-Davis as he swings the ball to Smith. Smith swings to Franklin on the left wing:

Jackson-Davis takes the back pick and heads to the left low block, as Franklin leads him there with the pass:

IU finally has the ball on the block in the half court with just one defender to beat. Jackson-Davis heads under the basket:

And scores on the other side for two:

Good counter from the Hoosiers here.


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