Film Session: South Dakota State

  • 12/02/2019 8:25 am in

Devonte Green finds Damezi Anderson on the left wing early in the shot clock. Race Thompson posts up on the left low block:

Anderson is able to get the pass in quickly:

But soon Thompson is swallowed up in a triple team:

He’s able to fight his way out of it and finds Franklin on the right wing, as Arians had left him once again to send more defense at the post:

The ball eventually finds its way to Green and he’s able to enter it into Davis on the right side:

Here’s Arians once again leaving Franklin all alone on the wing to provide a double team:

Davis has been here before. He’s able to turn and hit Franklin on the left wing:

Franklin zips it to Anderson in the corner as the defense tried to recover out to him:

Anderson fires up the 3-pointer and it drops:

With Davis’ quick decision out of the double — and Anderson being on the court in that position instead of say, Smith — it allowed the Hoosiers to get the ball to a higher percentage 3-point shooter and he connected. Anderson is now 6-of-15 (40 percent) from deep on the season.


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