Film Session: North Alabama

  • 11/14/2019 8:25 am in

Now in the second half, Phinisee goes under a ball screen Diggs sets for Agnew:

Armaan Franklin gives a little help to ward off the pass as Jackson-Davis recovers. Franklin then recovers out to C.J. Brim on the left wing:

Brim is able to get a step left on Franklin:

Hunter rotates over on the help to stop the ball. So Brim passes to Youngblood in the right corner:

Race Thompson rotates out to Youngblood and he passes to James Anderson on the right wing. Phinisee rotates over to Anderson:

Anderson then passes to Agnew on the left wing as Franklin rotates out:

Jackson-Davis then begins to rotate out to Brim in the left corner, so Agnew decides against a pass that way:

Instead he backs out and finds Diggs in the paint:

Thompson stays with him on the shot:

It doesn’t fall and Jackson-Davis secures the rebound for the Hoosiers:

After Franklin was beat off the dribble, Indiana’s defense did a a great job here of continuing to help and rotate all the way around the perimeter, a possession that eventually ended in no points for the Lions.


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