Film Session: North Alabama

  • 11/14/2019 8:25 am in

Emanuel Littles picks up his dribble on the left wing as Agnew looks for a handoff:

Franklin fronts Agnew, denying him the ball:

But Franklin starts to put pressure on Littles as Agnew heads towards the paint:

Littles makes the pass to Agnew:

Hunter has ducked into the lane, but heads back out to the right wing after Agnew gets a head of steam, leaving Justin Smith in the paint. James cuts to the basket out of the right corner:

Smith comes up to stop the ball and Agnew makes the pass to James. Durham sprints to the ball:

He’s able to block James from behind to stop the dunk attempt:

Franklin got beat here once again, but his teammates provided the proper help to make sure of no easy buckets for the Lions.


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