Reports: Emmitt Holt to attend Indian Hills Community College

  • 09/06/2015 3:04 pm in

According to multiple reports, former Indiana forward Emmitt Holt will attend Indian Hills Community College this year.

Holt, who was dismissed from the Indiana program on Aug. 31, will spend one year at Indian Hills according to Alex Kline. Holt would then have two years of eligibility remaining at a Division I school beginning with the 2016-2017 season.

The Webster, New York native averaged 3.6 points and three rebounds in 11.4 minutes per game as a freshman at Indiana.

Prior to his freshman season, he was was suspended for IU’s two exhibition games and first two regular season games after his involvement in a car accident that seriously injured Devin Davis.

Holt was cited late last month in Bloomington for illegal possession of alcohol during IU’s welcome week.

He was then dismissed from the program for “for demonstrating exceptionally poor judgment in the circumstances surrounding his recent citation, particularly coming after his involvement in the Devin Davis accident which should have motivated him to make better decisions.”

Indian Hills Community College is located in Ottuma, Iowa, which is about 85 miles southeast of Des Moines.

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  • N71

    Indian Hills basketball just got much better.

  • Doug

    Any chance we would let him come back after this year like UC did with one of their players?

  • OhioHoosier

    Still a shame he won’t be at IU.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Holt has talent. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him finishing out his collegiate career for a high major program

  • Ole Man

    Not as long as Crean is here.

  • Kyl470

    At this point that wouldn’t make much sense. If CTC wanted him he could have suspended him instead of dismissing him. His time at IU as a basketball player is over.

  • ForeverIU

    And we got a lot worse!

  • SCHoosier

    IHCC will be a good place to “make a comeback.” Ottuma,, Iowa..where everybody knows your name (and business).EM will do some fast growing up there this winter.

  • David Macer

    C’mon Forever !!

  • Ole Man

    C’mon David, it’s true. How could we not have.

  • ForeverIU

    C’mon where, David? The lights are out in the tunnel. Goodnight, LOL!

  • Doug

    Nah I’d let him come back after a year

  • INUnivHoosier

    Hopefully he can use the time to keep working on his game and come back for another quality program. I’d like to see him succeed. He seemed like he put in a lot of effort on the court.

  • TomJameson

    Absolutely sure Indian Hills basketball got a lot better, and even though IU lost an important piece, I wouldn’t say that IU got a “lot” worse. Not as deep, but not a worse BB team.

    As far as EH coming back after a year … I don’t see that happening, but you know crazier things have happened. I don’t think it likely, but I certainly wouldn’t nail that door shut just because CTC is coach.

    I wish Holt well. I think he will play D1 ball somewhere for 2 years after Indian Hills, and very possibly have a pro career somewhere after that. I certainly hope so.


    I’ll be surprised if doesn’t finish out his collegiate career at a high major program, and do so quite well.

  • Meadows007

    Could he not have transferred to a D1 program right now, sat out a year, and had 3 years left starting in 2016?

  • Bill Graham

    No way…It would be public nightmare for Glass and Crean which is the last thing they want.

  • Come on guys

    In reference to a previous comment on another post, I think IU is a step above Indian Hills CC

  • Patrick Alexander

    Should be “Ottumwa”. Ain’t y’all watch MASH?

  • Dmoe

    It’s obvious that you don’t know what the others bring to the table. Way to support the team. So maybe you should change your profile name.

  • Ole Man

    What is your major malfunction? You’re going to tell someone else how they have to support the team? Who made you God of IU fans? Putzz!!

  • Dmoe

    The truth hurts doesn’t it? Beside that the comment I made wasn’t towards you ole man. However that’s mature of you to Name calling though class act Sir. You must be the defender of this blog. Lol

  • ForeverIU

    Uh, what team? Let me get today’s count. LOL!

  • Dmoe

    OK ok that was a good one

  • ForeverIU

    But seriously, we lost a major contributor in an already shaky front court. All indications were that Emmitt was going to have a breakout season: great talent and work ethic. Now we’re back to “borrowing” a player from another position to fill in for TB when he has played his 30 minutes and/or used up his five fouls (or, Heaven forbid, is nursing an injury). Will I ever get to see a strong IU front court EVER in my lifetime?

    I love our other players and want the best for them. It goes without saying.

  • ForeverIU

    So you practice on me because you don’t dare provoke Ole Man. LOL! I don’t blame you.

  • Ole Man

    What truth? That you’re a putzz for telling others how they can and cannot support IU? That you think others must act like you or they’re somehow wrong; so you call them out. Your keyboard must stink from the words you type upon it.

  • Dmoe

    Get over it and go take a nap. Have you even played the game of basketball and I’m not talking pick up ball either. It seems like you are the only with hurt feelings man up and get over it Ole Man. Take your heart a place it back into your chest . I’m done have a blessed day Hoosier Nation all the way!!

  • Ole Man

    I was playing bball before you were a glimmer in your Momma’s eyes, little boy.
    Get back to me when you know what respect is. Otherwise, keep your head up that dark, damp place.

  • Rick Pearson

    Im just wondering let’s say Emmett Holt ,is a great student here I wonder what the chances would be Indiana picking him back up next year

  • Dmoe

    Yes I agree that was a lost, however with what we have I do believe we stand I chance to be a force. Defense must be the main focus are length plus some added Versatility Is going to help as well

  • Dmoe

    First off my mom is no longer here so watch your mouth. Second of all “boy” well that also let’s me know a little something more about you Ole man. Respect is something you earn not given, my comment wasn’t towards you to begin with. You put your 2 cents in which clearly wasn’t talking to you. Also basketball back then is a lot different than it is now Sir. But don’t you dare talk to me about respect not once did I curse at you etc. So try taking your own advice. You took it to a place where it surely didn’t have to go. You be blessed Sir.

  • Ole Man

    Sorry about your Mother. My apologies.

    Your comment was aimed at anyone who didn’t agree with you, so I jumped in.
    Lastly, that’s wasn’t a curse; just an observation of your behavior.