Indiana dismisses Emmitt Holt, announces discipline for Thomas Bryant

  • 08/31/2015 4:33 pm in

Indiana announced on Monday afternoon that sophomore Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the program and freshman Thomas Bryant will be disciplined internally following citations by the Indiana state excise police earlier this month.

Both Holt, 19, and Bryant, 18, were cited during welcome week for illegal possession of alcohol.

The full release from IU is available below:

Sophomore Emmitt Holt has been dismissed from the men’s basketball program effective immediately for demonstrating exceptionally poor judgment in the circumstances surrounding his recent citation, particularly coming after his involvement in the Devin Davis accident which should have motivated him to make better decisions.

Freshman Thomas Bryant, as a result of his citation, is receiving internal team discipline and is subject to additional discipline for any future failure to live up to his responsibilities to the program.

Holt is the third IU player dismissed since the end of last season. Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea were dismissed in May for “not living up to their responsibilities to the program.”

The 19-year old Holt was suspended for IU’s two exhibition games and first two regular season games last fall after his involvement in a car accident that seriously injured Davis.

Holt had been drinking at the time of that accident, but had a blood alcohol level of just .025.

On Thursday, Tom Crean told reporters at Lucas Oil Stadium that Holt “never should have had my freshman in that situation. They just got there. They hadn’t even started official classes yet.”

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  • Ole Man

    God forbid, that you, as an adult do anything immature and selfish…oh wait; it’s too late. I just read your post!!

    Also, I bet you speed going to work. That’s illegal and could get someone killed. I bet you cheat on your taxes.

    You’re really no one to be lecturing anybody else on how to behave.

  • Ole Man

    Oh bull! By every account. Since the end of the season he has done nothing but show respect to the IU program. He has been acknowledged as one of the hardest workers; one of the most diligent; a very good student. He has done nothing but show respect for the program.
    Stop with the sermonizing.

  • Ole Man

    Again, I have been consistent in what I have said.
    Crean threw Holt under the bus.
    It wasn’t necessary.
    Crean did not display leadership or maturity.
    Crean needs to go.

  • calbert40

    No one threw anyone under any bus. The only people acting immaturely are The players who are doing these things despite warnings not to, and the grown men on ITH acting as though he shouldn’t be punished.

    If you have never uttered any words suggesting that Crean needs to clean up the program, or that these types of off-court incidents are embarrassing, then I’d apologize for suggesting you are acting hypocritically.

    But we both know that you have.

    Have a good night, OM. Agree to disagree and live to fight another day?

  • Hoosier Hall

    You’re definitely right about this hurting the team. Emmitt was full of hustle and heart.

  • Doc

    Since you took the time to reply to my post then I can assume that you can read and write. Then much to my surprise you can use the internet as well. Then my “right” to lecture someone on their behavior comes with my responsibility to uphold the law that protects everyone from both speeders and underage drinkers. Which is exactly my point to begin with, That these IU basketball players have choices as we all do. And when they make they wrong choice and decide that drinking is more important then staying in school then that’s the choice they made. So how does that choice and it’s consequences make them victims? So Ole Man with IU symbol for your avatar, I hope that you will consider the basketball success less important then helping IU basketball players become mature adults. If not, start supporting another university.

  • Drew

    Yeah there is so much to speculate on concerning what went down behind the scenes. And now it is reported that Hanner was the one in the driver’s seat. I still don’t like the dismissal (I would have been fine with a lengthy suspension), but Emmitt truly should have never put himself in that situation. Just a very sad turn of events.


    I just don’t think it’s rational to think that if alcohol is taken out of the equation that all of a sudden bad decision making, by 18 & 19 year olds, disappears. I think EH doesn’t do anything different than he did even with zero alcohol intake that night and I have no problem with that. Now, having said that, I think, or would hope, that DD’s actions would different than what it was had he not been drinking, but with people that age, especially guys with females around (at that age they seem to greatly suppress the logic brain cell when they’re around us), there is just no assurances of any kind that he would not have done what he did. What might be different is that his timing probably would have been good enough to not end up slamming into the side of the vehicle.