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In Indiana’s blowout loss to the Boilermakers, Purdue turned up the pressure on defense. ┬áIt didn’t allow the Hoosiers to play to their strengths in the halfcourt and A.J. Hammons also erased shots at the rim with eight blocks.

We’ll take a look at Purdue’s defense in the latest edition of Film Session:

The Hoosiers are down 11-6 with 13:49 to go in the first half. Yogi Ferrell takes a ball screen from Emmitt Holt:


Ferrell gets all the way down to the rim, but Isaac Haas and Bryson Scott have him covered:


Ferrell comes all the way around to the left corner and left wing before passing it back up top to James Blackmon Jr. The Hoosiers will try resetting:


Blackmon Jr. drives in, finds nothing and passes out to Nick Zeisloft:


The ball finds its way to Ferrell up top and he again darts down the right side of the lane trying to get something going:


But Haas and Kendall Stephens make sure he doesn’t have room to get off a shot:


So Ferrell whips the ball out to Zeisloft on the left wing after he attracts the defense down low:


But here’s Purdue coming over and getting into Zeisloft before he can get off the 3-point attempt:


So Zeisloft passes back up top to Blackmon Jr. and now he tries driving right:


He stumbles and loses control of the ball, but it lands with Holt:


Holt makes the pass to Troy Williams with under 10 seconds on the shot clock. He hoists up a long 2. It misses:


The possession ends with a rebound attempt that Purdue tosses off Holt’s body for an out of bounds call on the Hoosiers. Purdue ball:



A long sequence here, but it shows just what kind of defense Purdue was playing at times on Wednesday night. This was an offensive possession where Ferrell got to the cup twice, passed to an open Zeisloft on the left wing and the best shot they were able to muster was a long 2 from Williams — the most inefficient shot on the court.

The Hoosiers actually took a number of mid-range and long 2 attempts in the first half, shots they rarely take. It’s another nod to Purdue’s D that it forced Indiana into shots it doesn’t want to attempt.

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  • fourputtsforsnowman

    In video #1, yogi shows how he could improve as a point guard. At the 0.18 mark ferrell has NOT gotten to the cup (sorry ITH guys). What he has done is pin himself at the baseline underneath the backboard with two excellent big men pinning him down. From this position EH is wide open at the bucket but ferrell can’t lob it because he chose to pin himself to the baseline with any lob pass to EH blocked by the backboard. So he does the only thing he can…lob it across court. Lucky that the weak pass wasn’t intercepted, ferrell then goes to the left corner when he should go to the right corner or stay in the lane. By going to the left corner he blocked a wide open court for Zeisloft. Zeisloft isn’t our best dribble/shooter, but he isn’t the worst either. No matter, because ferrell clogged up the offense (again) at that time. Ferrell then puts more pressure on Zeisloft as he spaces himself only a few feet from Zeisloft, bringing another defensive man to the ball (a bad habit of his). YES, good defense, but lots and lots of room for improvement at the point guard position that would have led to a much more competitive game.

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    On video #2, we can see how weak our point guard play is. The pass was intercepted. Our point guard is at the top of the key, and closest to the Purdue basket. One might think he could get back and perhaps cut off the drive to the bucket, maybe even try to take a charge. Instead, he gives up on the play as 2, yes 2, Purdue players run by him in the open court. Lots of room for improvement there.

    JBJ is a freshman attempting a pass to a sophomore. Mistakes were made. But I do appreciate that JBJ got back to defend.

  • InTheMtns

    Thanks for another excellent film session, Ryan. As depressing as this one was, it’s still nice to see things broken down into digestible bites. Of course, these actually gave me indigestion, but…

  • Brian Goodman

    disagree 100%. Under the basket is a place point guards often go to draw 2 defenders and pass it to the open man. If this was two years ago you’d have both Oladipo and Sheehey cutting to the basket and one of them getting an open layup or dunk. Troy has improved his cutting at times but our team as a whole needs to cut better when Yogi drives. I don’t see how you can fault Yogi for driving down to the basket.