Freshman Focus: Devin Davis

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061313hfcsw“Freshman Focus” is an Inside the Hall series on each of Indiana’s six incoming freshman. Over the last week and a half, we’ve examined the impact each freshman can have for the Hoosiers next season. Today, our series concludes with Devin Davis. 

When Devin Davis’ high school season ended at Warren Central in February, he didn’t wait long to get back to work and begin preparing for his freshman season at Indiana. Davis took about a week off to rest, then got right back to work.

“His dad said [Devin] will call him at odd hours and say, ‘Dad, I wanna get in the gym,'” said Matt Green, Davis’ AAU coach with the Eric  Gordon All-Stars. “You used to have to tell him to go work out. It’s not that way anymore.”

When Indiana’s basketball season begins next winter, Davis won’t be relied upon to score many points or take many shots. The offense won’t be run through him.

But that doesn’t mean Davis, who was the first in the 2013 class to sign with Indiana, won’t make an impact for the Hoosiers as a freshman next season.

“One of the areas he fits in is being that high energy guy off the bench that can come in and maybe provide that spark,” Green said. “He can defend different positions, rebound the basketball. There’s always time for those types of guys.”

Davis, a 6-foot-6 forward who is unranked by, will arrive on campus on Sunday to begin working out with his new teammates and preparing for his collegiate career. During the offseason, Davis has spent time working with Eric Gordon Sr. on ways to get by his man and score at the rim, along with a number  of other areas of his game.

“He’s worked on his ball handling, just different ways to score the basketball, being able to attack the basket,” Green said. “He’s definitely been working on his jump shot, trying to extend his range and how his form is so he can shoot it at a high level.”

Davis has struggled with his perimeter jump shot throughout his high school career, but he continues to work on it and has developed a fairly reliable mid-range game. He also handles the ball well for his size and is an above-average rebounder.

Davis averaged 17 points and eight rebounds per game in his senior season at Warren Central.

“Rebounding’s more of an instinctual thing as to knowing where the ball is going to come off and having the willingness and the drive,” Green said. “It’s just effort. His drive and effort to want to get the basketball off the missed shot is greater than most people’s.”


Stanford Robinson — “He doesn’t need somebody to drag him up there [to the weight room]. I don’t think he’s a buddy workout guy.”

Collin Hartman — “He’s always gonna find a place to get shots up. That’s never gonna be a problem.”

Luke Fischer — “Once he seals, it’s over, he’s gonna score.”

Noah Vonleh — “Have you shaken his hand yet? Go shake his hand. It’s as hard as a catcher’s mitt.”

Troy Williams — “He has no illusions of being one and done like a lot of kids.”

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  • Miamihoosier

    Devin reminds me of Branden Dawson. Maybe not quite as skilled offensively yet, but I do believe he will end up being a great player for us. Depth is going to be one of our major advantages over the rest of the Big Ten in the coming years. Guys like D Davis, Robinson, and Hartman would be starters for 4 league team next year (minimum). I have a lot of faith in Devin to be able to come in, rebound, defend, convert his chippies….just be a solid contributor….if you look at the rosters of pretty much everyone else in the league, maybe only Michigan can really compare 1-13 on a talent level.

  • skotchie

    Devin’s coach at Warren Central is IU Great #20 Greg Graham, need I say more. I’d be very surpised if there is anyone more prepared metally for what’s expected (all aspects) from an IU player and what it means to wear the candy stripes. I am very excited about this young incoming player.

  • N71

    I’ve watched Devin for several years here in Indy and he’s always been fun to watch. There have been a couple sound bites in the past year and a half that indicate Coach Crean is looking to develop Devin as a guard, kind of like Victor but he’s bigger than Vic, probably not as athletic, but could be equally disruptive guarding a Tim Hardaway type scorer. I expect a quiet freshman year like Will and Vic both had and then an emergence, this will be fun to watch. It almost not fair how we can develop players.

  • scb

    If he bulks up a bit, I could see him as a slightly leaner, more athletic Jamelle Cornley, who was a very good player for Penn St. a few years back. Like Cornley, his best assets are going to be rebounding, defensive versatility, and (hopefully) his mid-range game.

  • hoosier1158

    Funny you should say that, i was thinking the same thing. Devin knows how to hit the boards.

  • the next AJ Moye?

  • HoosierGrampy

    I’d be delighted if he could get play more like Melsahn Besabe of Iowa (when he brings his head to the game): He can get on the glass, guard multiple positions and run the court well…right up to the point in early 2012 when Will Sheehey threw one down in his face on national TV…it’s taken him a “long” time to recover from that one.

  • Kenneth234

    Personally, I would really love to see Davis in his first year or two be a guy who plays a Ron Artest type of physical defense as a primary focus in his first year or two. The kind of player that other teams fans hate but respect. Hopefully to the point in which they appreciate the nice guy that Sheehey. And in the same way, I sort of hope that Hartman develops into a player similar to Brian Cardinal.

  • CreamandCrimson

    In nine comments on this thread Devin Davis has been compared to….Branden Dawson, Jamelle Cornley, Melsahn Basabe, Ron Artest and AJ Moye. I don’t know if that means Devin Davis is extremely versatile or if it means no one knows what they are talking about. I found it amusing though.

    I think Devin will immediately contribute on the glass. It’s the most translatable skill from high school to college and as his AAU coach said, Devin cares about rebounding and has the instincts to be good at it. He’s certainly another good piece to the long-term puzzle and I expect him to have a solid four-year career.

  • HoosierTrav

    I remember the last uber athletic kid that came into Bloomington unranked…. that kinda worked out.

  • BC

    Lance Stephenson? Haha just kidding. But a rebounding defensive guard would be very useful. And if he can move well he can set the pace on break aways or back down the opposing guard.