Freshman Focus: Collin Hartman

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060213cbxs“Freshman Focus” is an Inside the Hall series on each of Indiana’s six incoming freshman. Over the next couple of weeks, we will examine what kind of an impact each player can have for the Hoosiers next season. Today: Collin Hartman.

It didn’t take long for Cathedral coach Andy Fagan to come up with Collin Hartman’s way to get on the court quickly during his upcoming freshman season at Indiana.

“The obvious answer is Collin’s ability to shoot the ball,” Fagan said. “That certainly is an unquestioned part of his game.”

Hartman, one of only two unranked players in Indiana’s six-man recruiting class (Devin Davis), will have to put in some serious work to get minutes on a talented Hoosiers team this season. Hartman’s calling card could indeed be his ability to knock down the perimeter jump shot, something the Indiana roster seems to lack.

The Hoosiers lost 3-point threats Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford to graduation.

“I think that’s going to be one of my main tickets to the floor, being able to come in and knock down shots and play defense,” Hartman said. “Starting from my freshman year, I shot a lot so I made a lot of shots. But the coaching staff was really dedicated to getting us better. They would stay and help us get up shots whenever we asked, and that really helped me move along. I think the accessibility of Cook Hall will help me only get better.”

Added Fagan: “As Collin continues to get up reps at a high rate over the offseason, I think he can be a guy to come help fill that void. IU’s graduating significant 3-point shooting, and that is something you can expect Collin to come in and add.”

Regular gym access in the form of Cook Hall will undoubtedly help Hartman grow into a more consistent outside shooter. But to get regular minutes and to find a spot in Tom Crean’s rotation, Hartman will have to also develop the other areas of his game.

From a purely statistical standpoint, Hartman didn’t do anything overwhelming after his freshman year of high school. But one thing he did do was lead a team that won, and won often. The Irish made the Class 4A state championship game during his senior season.

“I’m definitely not going to be a project to any coach because I’ve been around the game so much and been blessed with all the coaches I’ve played for,” Hartman said.

Fagan said Hartman is much more than just a shooter.

“He was one of the best passers on the team,” Fagan said. “He was our best rebounder, he understands how to guard. He has no problem communicating on the floor. He’s a confident and smart kid, so he knows where other people are supposed to be on the floor. All those extra intangibles are things that that he’ll be able to bring to help him getting on the floor quickly.”

At April’s Derby Festival Classic in Louisville, Hartman said it was sometimes hard to get regular shots up outside of practice in high school because Cathedral’s gym was often being used for other sports and activities.

As a result, Hartman had to be more efficient with the time he did get to shoot. Fagan and his staff gave Hartman a plan to get more out of his shooting workouts, something that figures to continue to benefit Hartman when he arrives on campus later this month.

“He’s a kid that’s going to put in his time in the gym,” Fagan said. “He’s always gonna find a place to get shots up. That’s never gonna be a problem. It’s just a matter of having a better plan when he was in there, so that’s what we really tried to help him develop.”

“All it takes is an open gym,” Hartman added. “You just get in there and work every day. Hard work pays off, and I’m comfortable with my work ethic and I’m comfortable in it.”

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  • CreamandCrimson

    I’ve seen Hartman play several times throughout his high school career. He’s bigger than you would think. He’s a better rebounder than you would think and he’s a good passer. His shot looks really, really good form-wise and he should be able to find his shot pretty easily because of his size and fairly quick release. He seems like a smart player and his Cathedral teammates seemed to like him (this is only from watching him and his teammates on the court, obviously, it’s an assumption on my part). That’s the positive…here’s the “negative” stuff:
    -He doesn’t look like an explosive athlete to me. A lot of people have compared him to Austin Etherington. AE (before his injury) is much more athletic and looks quicker to me.
    -I don’t know who he is going to be able to defend. He’s not big enough to bang in the post and I don’t think he’s quick enough to defend on the perimeter.

    If Hartman uses the open gym of Cook Hall to develop into a knockdown perimeter shooter, he is going to be a very useful situational player for IU throughout his 4-year career. Best-case scenario: A deadly 3-point shooter who gets stronger by working with Jackson, is a capable defender and a good rebounder. That’s a valuable role player.

    If he is merely a “pretty good” shooter, I don’t think he’ll be finding hardly any minutes throughout his career. My opinion, I enjoyed watching him play. He seemed like he really liked being on the court, he won a whole lot during his career and I think he’ll benefit greatly from Cook Hall and the staff we have. I think Collin will have a solid 4-year career.

  • skotchie

    I saw Colin play on TV twice, last time was the State Championship they lost to Carmel this year. Unfortunately he did not have a great game shooting that day.

    He reminds me of a Coach Knight type of recruit though so I look forward to good results and hope he and Stanford among othes become the new gym rats that continue to improve each year.

    Side note the Carmel team has the younger McRoberts kid who I believe was a Sophmore, and had a good St Championship game. Anyone know where this kids recruiting status is?

  • Mooks

    The one thing he said he could not wait to do was the have 24/7 access at cook hall in an interview video from the Kentucky Derby Classic.

    The kid wants to play and always wanted to be a hoosier. He is a kid who does whatever it takes to win and get on the floor. I like that.

  • Candy Striped Kid

    thanks for repeating exactly what albers wrote

  • N71

    It’s going to be fun watching Hartman and Davis grow. It’s strangely similar to when Vic and Will arrived. Two under-the-radar guys that are physically gifted. They have good work ethics and very solid basketball upbringings. They won’t have a great deal of pressure on them unless, knock on wood, there’s an injury to a more senior player in the rotation, so they can focus on workouts. The potential is there, coach has a knack for spotting guys and developing them, I’ve seen Hartman play in person 20 times perhaps and I can easily see him being a cornerstone for the program in the coming years. He does everything pretty well and then is a 6’6″ lights out shooter with beautiful form.

  • N71

    I noticed the McRoberts kid as well in that game, he looked like a stud in the making. He wasn’t asked to do too much but what he was asked of, he did very well for his age.

  • HoosierTrav

    If he can just be a Scott Wood type, which i think he will be, that will make us very dangerous.

  • CreamandCrimson

    The comments are for opinions, clearly you don’t think much of mine (which is fine and you are definitely not alone).

  • CreamandCrimson

    It’s Zach McRoberts, he’s a 6’7″ power forward that is going to be a senior next season. He’s not rated by any major recruiting service (according to and according to them, his only current offer is from Northern Kentucky. They have Belmont listed as a school showing interest. I know at one point last summer, Butler was showing interest to him. He did play well against Cathedral but I watched Carmel in their sectional this past March (3 games) and he didn’t do much and dealt with foul trouble due to some over-aggressive play.

  • MillaRed

    My momma once said if ya got nothin’ nice to say……………don’t say anything.

  • kennygeorge

    Not saying he will become a victor, but remember Vic and his work effort and dedication Colin and you’ll do well. Also, welcome Collin to IU. We’re glad you’re here. Oh by the way, as my grandson says, it’s ok if you become a Victor as well.!!!!