Film Session: Rutgers

  • 03/04/2022 8:11 am in

Here’s a look at both times Indiana went to Thompson cutting from the left slot to the right side of the lane for a look near the rim.

The set here is Thompson setting a ball screen for Johnson near the left slot. Johnson then passes to Phinisee on the right wing as Thompson rolls across the lane. With the top of the zone closing out to Phinisee and — most key of all — Jackson-Davis pushing Omoruyi out of the way through to the other side of the paint, Thompson has space to catch the ball on his roll.

Paul Mulcahy comes from the weak side to get a body on Thompson, but Thompson is able to bank it in over him for the score.

As the end of this video shows, the second time Indiana tried this set, the weak side defender wasn’t able to move to Thompson like Mulcahy did. But as Jackson-Davis releases on Omoruyi, he’s got a clear lane to come and block Thompson’s shot, which he does.

Good offense from Indiana, but better defense from Rutgers on the second time around.

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