Film Session: Rutgers

  • 03/04/2022 8:11 am in

Here’s another puzzling possession from the Hoosiers.

With Rutgers picking up Rob Phinisee and Johnson full court, it takes longer to get the ball across the timeline. From there, Johnson and Phinisee have the ball out on the perimeter as the seconds continue to tick away on the shot clock.

When the shot clock hits 12 seconds, we see Jackson-Davis shrug as if to say he doesn’t know what Indiana is doing on this possession. Phinisee points for him to go set a ball screen for Johnson.

Johnson rejects the screen and drives left, but is cut off on his drive. He finds Stewart out on the left wing who has to get up a 3-pointer late in the clock.

It’s not a bad look, really, but it misses.

Another possession with Indiana standing around until it got late in the shot clock here.

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