Film Session: Rutgers

  • 03/04/2022 8:11 am in

On Indiana’s next possession, Johnson calls out another set, this time throwing up two fingers.

Kopp, Jackson-Davis and Thompson set up on the right side.

But things break down from here. Jackson-Davis signals to Stewart to be doing something, but Stewart doesn’t appear to recognize what he should be doing. Seconds tick away on the shot clock before Thompson decides to go set a ball screen for Johnson. But Johnson passes to Stewart in the corner and he starts trying to dribble baseline with a few seconds left on the shot clock — not his game.

He is able to get the ball into Jackson-Davis in the post and Indiana is bailed out with a foul on Jackson-Davis here, though he’d turn the ball over after the ensuing inbounds.

You can see after the foul, Johnson — and even Mike Woodson and Thompson — are in Stewart’s ear about his error.

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