Film Session: Penn State

  • 01/28/2022 7:46 am in

Indiana pumped in 1.23 points per possession against the Nittnay Lions on Wednesday. That was its best mark so far in conference play and second-best of the season.

One reason for the high offensive efficiency? The Hoosiers knocked in 10-of-13 (76.9 percent) from 3-point range. A look back at the film reveals that half of those makes came from a recurring reason: the attention Penn State paid to one Mr. Trayce Jackson-Davis.

Sometimes it was as easy as Jackson-Davis passing the ball out of the post to the strong-side wing and an Indiana player having space to rise and fire due to his defender digging down to TJD. But other times, Indiana’s continued ball movement and cutting allowed the offense to keep Penn State scrambling around until a better shot was found.

We’ll take a look at the aforementioned five makes in the latest edition of Film Session:

Early in the contest, Race Thompson pops after setting a ball screen for Xavier Johnson. Thompson’s man, Greg Lee, soft hedges to contain Johnson. On Lee’s recovery back to Thompson, he doesn’t respect the shot. He gives several feet to Thompson, then sags back on a Thompson pass fake to Jackson-Davis on the right low post.

So Thompson simply rises, fires and connects.

While Thompson’s percentage from deep still isn’t great (6-of-31, 19.4 percent), he keeps taking them. It paid off here.

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