Film Session: Eastern Michigan

  • 11/11/2021 8:00 am in

On the right wing, Phinisee enters the ball to Jackson-Davis in the post:

Bryce McBride ends up leaving Phinisee to double team Jackson-Davis. Phinisee calls for the ball briefly as he cuts to the weak side:

With Phinisee cleared to the weak side unguarded, he starts calling for the ball as Jackson-Davis passes out of the double team to Johnson:

As Johnson rotates the ball to Parker Stewart at the top of the key, Phinisee continues to call for the ball. McBride starts to run on the recovery:

Stewart makes the pass to Phinisee as McBride hits the paint:

Phinisee pump fakes and goes left on Scott, who has abandoned Thompson to stop the ball:

As Phinisee hits the paint, Okongo has left Jackson-Davis to stop the ball. Farrakhan has also left Johnson alone on the right wing:

As Phinisee gets airborne, Okongo and Farrakhan are sucked even further down. This leaves Johnson with a ton of space and Phinisee rifles the pass to him:

On the catch, Farrakhan and Scott start to close out to Johnson:

Johnson has room to get off the shot and he connects on the triple to push IU’s lead out to 15:

Great work by Phinisee here to attract a ton of defensive attention, allowing for a nice, clean look from Johnson.

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