Film Session: Purdue

  • 01/16/2021 7:42 am in

Here’s another BLOB play with Jackson-Davis guarding the inbounder Stefanovic. Stefanovic passes over the top to Aaron Wheeler:

Wheeler moves to the top of the key and swings the ball left to Jaden Ivey. Meanwhile, Anthony Leal fronts Zach Edey, an extreme mismatch in terms of size and one brought on by Jackson-Davis guarding the inbounds. Stefanovic has popped out to the right corner after inbounding the ball:

Ivey looks into Edey as Leal continues to front. Jackson-Davis slides into the paint to ward off Ivey tossing it over the top to Edey. This leaves Stefanovic open in the corner and he calls for the ball:

So Ivey swings it back up top as Leal continues to front. On the weak side, Purdue seems to know exactly what it’s doing. Before Wheeler catches up top, Stefanovic moves out of the corner to the wing as Isaiah Thompson heads to Armaan Franklin:

Thompson gets a body on Franklin as Stefanovic comes to fill his space on the wing. Jackson-Davis remains with a foot in the lane:

Wheeler swings to Stefanovic as Franklin is still tied up with Thompson. Jackson-Davis comes on the closeout:

It’s a better effort this time around, but the result is still the same for Stefanovic as he knocks in another 3-pointer:

Nice work by Purdue here to draw the defense to Edey and then swing it around the perimeter to Stefanovic in space.


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