Film Session: Purdue

  • 01/16/2021 7:42 am in

During his limited run in the first half, Khristian Lander follows Ivey to the ball as Stefanovic plays inbounder once more:

As Ivey gets to the left low block, there’s a slight hesitation in movement:

But Ivey simply runs Lander around the merry-go-round of Edey and Leal:

While Edey doesn’t set a screen, it’s enough for Ivey to get space ahead of Lander to the basket as Stefanovic makes the pass:

Lander is able to get in front of Ivey:

But he fouls him on the shot, which Ivey makes:

Ivey converted the and-1 opportunity at the line for a 3-point play here. While Ivey is just a freshman himself, he really put Lander through the ringer on this one. It didn’t hurt he has a couple of inches of height on Lander as well.


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