Film Session: Michigan

  • 02/18/2020 1:52 pm in

Teske sets a ball screen for Simpson near the left corner. De’Ron Davis hedges:

De’Ron Davis stops the ball and there’s not much space for Teske to operate on the roll:

De’Ron Davis rotates back to Teske. But here, Durham makes a curious decision: He jumps up in the air to ward off a pass that Simpson doesn’t even pretend to throw:

From there, it gives Simpson the advantage. He cross over Durham and goes left as he comes down:

Simpson is into the paint and through De’Ron Davis on the help:

He scores at the bucket:

Here’s another ball screen the Hoosiers covered up. But Durham’s curious decision gave room for Simpson to drive and score, a continual problem for the Hoosiers on Sunday afternoon.


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