Film Session: Michigan

  • 02/18/2020 1:52 pm in

Austin Davis sets a ball screen for Simpson:

De’Ron Davis hedges to stop the ball as Austin Davis rolls:

As Austin Davis calls for the ball, Race Thompson shades over some on the help. De’Ron Davis rotates back to recover:

De’Ron Davis is back on Austin Davis and Simpson remains on the right wing with just five seconds left on the shot clock. Indiana seems to have thwarted the Wolverines here. But Simpson has other plans. He begins to put the moves on Al Durham as Wagner sets a pick on Thompson to free Isaiah Livers  on the opposite wing:

Simpson doesn’t make the cross-court pass. Instead, he gets by Durham and into the paint:

As Simpson rises up near the left low block, Thompson comes on the help and that leaves Livers open in the corner:

Simpson makes the pass to Livers as Thompson is now out of position to close out:

With just two seconds left on the shot clock, Livers gets off a clean look and drops it home:

Even when Indiana stopped Michigan’s ball screen action, Simpson’s ability to dribble drive and find his teammates spelled doom for the Hoosiers.


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