Film Session: Michigan

  • 02/18/2020 1:52 pm in

Austin Davis comes up to set a ball screen for Simpson. Thompson anticipates it will be to Simpson’s right and breaks on the hedge:

But Austin Davis flips it on Thompson and Simpson heads left. Thompson is leaning forward the wrong way:

As Durham stunts in, Simpson brings the ball high to avoid the steal:

Simpson takes a big step into the lane and De’Ron Davis comes over on the help, anticipating a shot. So Simpson zips the pass to Brandon Johns Jr. in the left corner:

The pass is to Johns’ right as De’Ron Davis is heading the wrong way as he turns back:

Johns is able to get off a good look — it’s just too much room for De’Ron Davis to make up — that he drops in:

Michigan fooled Thompson to start and it was yet another left corner 3-pointer for the Wolverines here.


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