Film Session: Rutgers

  • 01/17/2020 12:15 pm in

Now down just seven, Phinisee brings it over the timeline and passes to Jerome Hunter on the left wing:

Hunter enters it to Brunk on the block:

As we saw against Ohio State, Hunter cuts to the paint after the pass. But McConnell is able to stick with him, not lose him as Ohio State did:

So Hunter keeps moving all the way to the right corner. This allows Brunk more room to operate on the left side. McConnell decides against following Hunter to the corner. Instead he creeps on the other side of the lane watching Brunk:

McConnell comes hard on the double as Brunk moves into the paint. Hunter is open and calls for the ball:

Brunk makes the pass:

Hunter is able to catch and shoot in rhythm even with a decent close out and rotation from Geo Baker. Durham was then open, should Hunter have opted for the pass. The shot doesn’t fall:

Smart movement from Hunter here to try and keep Rutgers honest with its defense. And here was an example of a good 3-point attempt from the Hoosiers, one that could have cut the deficit to just four points.

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