Film Session: Rutgers

  • 01/17/2020 12:15 pm in

Now in the second half as the Hoosiers were making their run, Brunk sets a bit of a flare screen for Al Durham as Devonte Green has the ball on the left wing:

Green makes the pass to Brunk:

Brunk then turns and finds Durham:

Brunk then moves right as it looks like he’ll set a ball screen for Durham:

But Brunk slips the screen and leaves Carter in his tracks. Brunk calls for the ball. McConnell notices Brunk has an advantage and is ready to move over on the help:

McConnell meets Brunk at the right low block:

But Brunk uses his size to get around him and score while getting fouled in the process. Brunk would miss the ensuing free throw at the line:

This is simple slip screen action from Brunk here. But it was an effective play to gain an advantage instead of being a sitting duck on the block, even if Brunk’s skill set doesn’t quite neatly fit into such action.

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