Film Session: Notre Dame

  • 12/23/2019 7:29 am in

After a Joey Brunk offensive rebound, Devonte Green passes to Smith on the left wing:

Smith finds Brunk in the left short corner:

Brunk dribbles towards the basket. Franklin puts his hands up a little bit, almost signaling for the ball:

With Brunk getting double teamed, Franklin realizes he’s better served rotating to open space in the right corner, an easier pass for Brunk. Brunk, for now, is looking left:

As Brunk turns back right, Franklin is in his direct line of vision ready for the ball. Brunk makes the pass:

It’s to Franklin’s right on the catch:

He gathers and shoots with John Mooney nowhere near him on the closeout. Brunk is feeling it, putting up his hand as he heads back down the court. The shot falls:

Just like in the first play, good recognition from Franklin here to find better space to receive the ball on the perimeter.

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