Film Session: Wichita State

  • 03/28/2019 10:04 am in

As Phinisee brings the ball over the timeline, Green cuts up to the right wing from the left low post:

Morgan gives him a screen to free him even more and Phinisee passes the ball to him:

Burton opts to open up his body on his defense, which allows Green space right and he takes it:

As he starts to make his way to the lane, Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler has dropped off Davis to bring help defense:

It’s enough to stop Green on the right side of the rim. But he keeps coming under the hoop left as Burton begins to catch up to the action:

Green tries a scoop shot under the rim with his feet still on the ground:

It’s basically a volleyball set for Burton and he swats it down:

Good initial decision from Green to take the advantage to the rim. But this sort of scoop shot wasn’t too tough for Burton to get his hand on.


Continue to page 4 to see Green get blocked again:

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