Film Session: Wichita State

  • 03/28/2019 10:04 am in

Burton tries passing over the top of Green to Midtgaard and Green gets his hands on the ball:

Burton gives chase to the loose ball:

But it lands with Morgan:

Morgan passes it up ahead to Green as Midtgaard begins to give chase:

Green seemingly has enough room to lay this up on the other end:

But he slows down just a touch as he begins to corral the ball, taking more of a roundabout angle to picking it up:

He grabs the ball on his side instead of out in front, slowing him just a touch as well. Meanwhile, Midtgaard keeps coming hard:

As Green gathers to go up, Midtgaard is pretty much caught up:

He goes up with two hands and fades with Green, picking up the block:

A little more urgency from Green on the ball pickup here could have prevented the block.


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