Film Session: Rutgers

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Now it’s Morgan setting a down screen for Al Durham as Robert Phinisee has the ball up top:

As Phinisee passes to Durham and clears out to the right side, Morgan now hits the lane and sets a pick for Langford:

Langford cuts up top and receives the pass from Durham. And now we see Morgan setting up for his third screen:

But it’s a bit of misdirection as Langford heads left instead and Doorson is over on the help defense:

Langford knifes the pass to Morgan as Doorson looks to recover:

He does and now with Smith, Durham and Langford spaced on the perimeter on the weak side, Phinsee and Morgan go to work. Morgan passes to Phinisee:

Morgan then sets a ball screen for him:

As Phinisee drives right, he has a sliver of space to hit the rolling Morgan and does. Eugene Omoruyi has remained in the paint for help defense, giving plenty of room to Smith in the left corner. He begins to move to the other side of the basket:

But neither him or Doorson are able to stop this Morgan bucket:

Interesting set from the Hoosiers here to run a pick and roll off the right wing as the rest of the Hoosiers hung on the weak side perimeter.


Continue to page 3 to see a quicker Morgan score:

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