Film Session: Rutgers

  • 03/12/2019 9:48 am in

Phinisee grabs a defensive rebound:

He’s up the court and passes right to Durham. Morgan has worked up ahead of the pack and begins to work for position on Myles Johnson:

Durham comes to the right wing and Morgan has position in the middle of the lane:

As he makes the pass, Langford and Phinisee are spaced on the perimeter and we see Smith moving out to the corner as well to give Morgan room:

Smith ends up hanging the short corner, but now Durham and Langford move to the weak side, ensuring there will be no help defense on Morgan’s right side. Morgan fakes right:

But ends up driving left on him:

This allows for some help, but even going left, Johnson is just no match for Morgan on this and-1:

Another score that shows if Morgan got the ball with space in the paint, he was pretty much automatic.


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