Film Session: Rutgers

  • 03/12/2019 9:48 am in

Morgan sets a ball screen for Langford up top:

Similar to the first play in this Film Session, Morgan is bumped a bit on the roll as the ball comes back across to Smith up top:

But this time around instead of Smith entering the ball into Morgan, who is currently behind Doorson, Smith drives left as Langford sets a screen for Phinisee:

Smith hands it off to Phinisee as Morgan works to get in front of Doorson:

He does and the pass comes from Phinisee:

Because Omoruyi has hedged on Phinisee, Smith has cut down to the basket and Geo Baker tries to recover with some help. But Morgan doesn’t consider Smith and instead goes to work left on Doorson:

It’s a little tangled up on the left block as a result, but that’s no matter to Morgan as he connects on yet another and-1:

Similar set up to the first play with a little more action to free Morgan. And a similar result.


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